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  1. Lane Kiffin killed 5 hookers - an unsubstantiated allegation
  2. Tini: "Ohio State Swag > CU Swag"
  3. Tight Ends
  4. bcs claims SCOOOOOP!
  5. Nucular. It's pronounced nucular.
  6. Tini's a meat chicken man
  7. Lamb Hypocrisy
  8. grown men (-tini+bcs) fighting over amateur athletic message boards and notoriety
  9. Even lamer new handles for Tini
  10. Tara Fox and Satchels
  11. 2012 TSFR QB (FL) Jack Del Rio's kid (Verbal to Valor)
  12. Inappropriate (Thread) Jacking Off
  13. Get Mufficized
  14. Snow and Vamos take a dip in del Rio
  15. Uniforms, logos, strippers, Tini's mom, Bieber and Sandusky - an Allbuffs sampler
  16. Tini Hates Women and Grandparents
  17. Burrito plays teacher
  18. Petty Anger over the decisions of teenagers
  19. Thanks for trying, Tini
  20. Wrong place, wrong time
  21. 'Tini Allegedly Wins A Battle, But It's On The Recruiting Board So It's Moved
  22. Sex, Drugs & Ducks
  23. Never say never, little bear...
  24. Hey Wally
  25. CU's Pro Day
  26. lets give rialto **** for being a duck fan for the 58th time
  27. Burrito & Dallas can jerk each other off on the Island - there's a ****ing game on
  28. SnowBunny's island
  29. Tini is rebel yelling
  30. Yogi, Boo Boo and Teddy gone bad....
  31. Great game guys
  35. Watch out!
  36. Places to party in Atlanta...
  37. Presentation of Logo Design
  38. Why won't CU pay Boyle fair market value right NOW?
  39. How to make firends and influence people aka Welcome Mitch
  40. Discussing Troll Parenthood
  41. Recruit threads- still not the place to make fun of names or for religious humor....
  42. Jimmy & 'Tini Finally Get A Private Room For Their Sexual Tension
  43. Tini Loves Michigan, BP Loves Tini
  44. The Insane Assclown Posse Rides Again
  45. Pissed off people + Snow = Dunno, but you probably shouldn't eat it...
  46. Look out north texas here comes brock berglund
  47. BB2 makes friends, lovers, likes DL/OL recruiting
  48. Bitches love links
  49. bcs likes watching sweaty, half-naked 'roiders
  50. Rino
  51. Working with this site
  52. Tini visits the island FLBuff lifegaurds on
  53. Cheap jersey and very nice quality
  54. FLBuff is not a racist from florida who killed five hookers
  55. Flbuff makes an ass****er out of himself
  56. Tini thinks JRK is Richard Pryor
  57. Star Wars names
  58. Dply makes bitches wet
  59. Florida Zombie Hunting Permit
  60. Goose Attempts To Make Joke - Fails Miserably
  61. Cheap jersey and very nice quality
  62. The thread where we learn way too much about FLounder
  63. Fluffs lose another OL recruit to CSU - Derp! I meant to say congrats on 2 OL commits
  64. Benefits and Limits of Non-Buff Posters in the Recruiting Forum
  65. FLounder is a 15 year old whore
  66. Lawyer Jokes
  67. Better at ranking things: USNWR or Tom Osborne?
  68. We took the troll bait. I'm ashamed of myself.
  69. Sexual Tension between Rugged & BCS remains palpable
  70. Allbuffs welcomes a well informed, if slanderous, SEC Fan
  71. Snow on a quest to find the abominable strawman (warning - from the politics board)
  72. CSU doubling athletic Budget
  73. Karma and TrollGasm don't mix
  74. Aurora - Rugged's joke and ensuing fallout
  75. Sandusky and Penn State Joke Thread
  76. Flounder calls a lock a 51% chance and thinks it isn't dumb
  77. Tini makes declarative statements about tight ends
  78. If you can't spot the fish at the table . . .
  79. How awesome will Michigan be? Who cares?
  80. If someone posts on Netbuffs and noe sees it did it really happen?
  81. CSU begins mentally training FB players
  82. Tini goes fishing
  83. Buffnik delete my handle
  84. Buffnik pull my finger
  85. buffnik, what's your 20?
  86. Flukes, Nik & Snow Make Me Laugh & Visit The Island
  87. CU should have joined MWC
  88. Because cardinal's too dumb for the football forum
  89. A Bear nakedly trolls in the recruiting forum
  90. DBT feels persecuted like a Baylor fan
  91. Some people once questioned the Boyle hire, Na-na na-na-na
  92. Wsp Gets excited in a Recruit Thread
  93. Watch NFL Online
  94. Slider v Leash
  95. Flushing the turd from the punch bowl
  96. HUFset has daddy issues
  97. Liufau´s options
  98. OT:Aids Cure Found in Norway
  99. "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali Passes Away
  100. DBT Worries about Getting Sanduskied
  101. We forgot there is a pol forum
  102. Rugged's Take on Highlander's Judgment of Recruit Ethics
  103. tini picks a fight in a recruit thread
  104. The Colorado OBuffaloes
  105. Buffwings says something stupid in a Recruit thread
  106. Buffwings Doubles Down on Stupid (WAS teets panders for admin status)
  107. Bronco comeback leads to douchebaggery...
  108. Buffwings Triples Down on Stupid
  109. Goddamn spam
  110. CU's Quest for a Perfect Season
  111. Run to the PAC-12 Get Your **** pushed in same as in the Big 12
  112. Keep it in the pol forum. Not sure how many times we have to say it.
  113. Just facts, DBT, nothing else. Just facts.
  114. A Ute really loves Utah
  115. Keep your ugly ****ing goldbricking politics out of our football community
  116. DBT fails to comprehend where to post pathetic drivel
  117. Should the football be moved?
  118. The next step is to fire Mike Bohn
  119. Tennessee Hires Jim Tressel
  120. Gary Barnett Reportedly in negotiations???
  121. Joel Klatt, Alfred Williams, Charles Johnson, Bill McCartney, Jon Embree.
  122. Buff4BCS1985....
  123. Bronco ...
  124. BM
  125. BJ
  126. DB
  127. bigbang2 explains the spread - AllBuffs jumps his ****
  128. UNCOMFIRMED - Butch Jones probably Hired Per buffstampede radio
  129. Can't Get Into Chat - Please Help Us
  130. Bohn fails again - Jones is not coming to CU
  131. All in one Butch Jones thread for 8:16am MT, Dec 5th
  132. Allbuffers are great with directions
  133. The Problem @ CU
  134. Bohn hate invades a recruits thread....
  135. Not gonna allow this
  136. Bill Belichick to interview for CU job
  137. Allbuffs musings on bb2, insults and toenail fungus.
  138. Etymology, it's not just for nerds anymore.
  139. Jens and Teets are being childish
  140. Cheap jersey and very nice quality
  141. Any chance the harrassment will stop?
  142. slider, flounder and others discuss the value of college degreees
  143. CU recruits a white DB. Parker Orms debate naturally ensues...
  144. Not even Mods can resist BB2's 40 time Inanity
  145. Cheap jersey and very nice quality
  146. Dallas Buff doesn´t speak French
  147. Allbuffs demands instant perfection in all recruiting threads
  148. You don't say.
  149. Buffenuf Picks a fight in a recruit thread
  150. Whizzer likes making meta-arguments about the fan base in recruit threads
  151. Proper use of Bitch
  152. Allbuffs season ticket threadjack thread
  153. Wood Cleaner
  154. Really?
  155. Hoax
  156. Hoax
  157. Buffs/Illini opposition fan discussion, poo flinging, academic wang measuring thread
  158. News from the burrito stand. Literally.
  159. We should pour all of our resources into basketball.
  160. We should pour all our resources into hockey
  161. Manziel Lights Another Twitter Fire
  162. An NFL Draft app I created
  163. Buffenuf's Diarrhea Of The Mouth
  164. Tini and Flounder are children in a slap fight
  165. Trade Alex Lewis for Nick Hirschmn to get Benedict Arnold - an Allbuffs game.
  166. Bigbang is right - keep it out of recruiting threads
  167. Arsenal youth club academy currently recruiting young players for trial
  168. Dustin Thomas Attracts The Attention of Spammers
  169. BB2 Knows Fat
  170. Mere sharts
  171. Multiple Postersonality Syndrome?
  172. ****ty miami threadjack about his mancrush
  173. cheap chanel bags whether for residential ro storage use iwmlewc
  174. burberry outlet Wood flooring will be more appealing than cqtebyj
  175. buffNOscoop Washout Trolling
  176. Parlez-vous Spam?
  177. High school smack thread #4,965
  178. Speed kills...a recruit's thread
  179. CSU Stadium
  180. Should the RMS be moved to Thanksgiving Weekend?
  181. Buffenuf posts more meaningless horse****
  182. CSU Camp Updates
  183. Boulder Buff is an insufferable asshole
  184. WizzersGhost is a ****ing tool
  185. tante & Snow have a torrid love affair
  186. Rushing the field
  187. 12 Dead - not in the mood to come up with a witty title
  188. ReedMarks Desperately Spams for Site Traffic
  189. Cheap jersey and very nice quality
  190. bigbang learns about names
  191. DBT is a Special Olympian
  192. Honey Badger
  193. Fantasy basketball?
  194. o_robbie is a ****ing idot
  195. Bama Charlie Stroke Thread
  196. Orr is a ****ing idot
  197. Burrito tries to find the meaning of Eggads
  198. Mtn hates lawyers, lawyers hate Mtn, Snow hates everyone, and everyone hates Snow
  199. Trolls be trollin'
  200. Nash loves to talk about Hawkins & CSU
  201. This is why we can't have nice things
  202. Why do some posts get lost sometimes?
  203. Stupid Thread Is Stupid
  204. Nash Discusses Basketball
  205. ****ing baby killers
  206. RamU reveals his character
  207. Buffenuf is a scorned bitch
  208. Sewage Thread
  209. Jesus ****ing Christ Our Recruiting Sucks! (take 82)
  210. Inappropriate in recruit thread
  211. buffup and tini spoon
  212. Tad and his Players Tend to be Disrespectful
  213. New to forum
  214. Old Man Complains About Weather
  215. Attendance during Patton era - do we really care anymore?
  216. Hotrack loves startrek, but not math
  217. All-In-One buffs233 is a Horrible Troll Thread
  218. No matter how many times you try.....
  219. asu fan needs to read the tos
  220. Trollin
  221. yappin
  222. yappin
  223. Tini and Snow argue about arguing (riveting!)
  224. Not In A Recruit Thread
  225. Q Drennan
  226. NotKyleRingo name discussion
  227. CVille and Slider have a love spat
  228. Pussycats feeling cocky
  229. Photo Gallery From CU/UA game
  230. Even kickers think this slap fight is lame
  231. L buff tries to start a fight and violates TOS for seemingly no reason whatsoever
  232. cubuffs85 tries to argue, but the problem is he has poor reading comprehension
  233. Mice, Cheese, Pitt Fans and Geraldo
  234. As if I wasn't pissed off enough already...
  235. HaLkins v Sarah Jessica Parker WORST AVATAR EVAR CONTEST
  236. Tini knows best
  237. No one cares about ASU's Academic Ranking according to China
  238. BuffLuke dont no **** bout hockey (neither do his kin)
  239. Burrito jacks himself. Others try to lend a hand.
  240. Abracadabra
  241. The Dust Bowl, Chuck Norris, and Stryper
  242. In which all white quarterbacks are now Shane Dillon
  243. please text pictures first
  244. Lefty Is Bored, Decides Misery Loves Company
  245. If only our best athletes played soccer
  246. Recruit Twitter Account Bashing: Why Proper Grammar is Necessary with 140 characters
  247. What the hell are you hippies optimistic about?
  248. Buffskier aka the futbol insult thread
  249. Buffenuf wants to put Tad boyle on the Hotseat
  250. Grown men worrying about homesick kids on twitter