• Scoreboards - South Boards are all in [6.25.12 Updated]

    The south boards appear to be done. Although there is a little bit of empty space on each side of the ribbon board, the crane drove off this afternoon after lifting in the last segment on the west end. It was a happy accident that I was able to catch the final lift. I was heating up my lunch and I had my camera in my pocket so I snapped a shot out of the window. It doesn't look so good but I caught the last piece. The third picture shows that the crane has left the south end and that there are no more video board pieces waiting to be lifted in. Nothing has changed on the field level board (so I did not post a picture) and while there is work going on at the north end (mostly welding and/or electrical by the looks of the wires) the crane has not returned. From here on out, I'm not going to post any more updates on the south board unless something REALLY interesting happens (like testing). I will keep you all updated on the field level board and the north board though.

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    1. buffwings's Avatar
      buffwings -
      Really?! Thats it? I thought they were going to be a lot bigger than that? Seriously, I mean, I guess I didnt expect a jumbo-tron from the new Dallas Cowboys stadium but I thought they would be a lot bigger than that?

      Severely underwhelmed.
    1. Darth Snow's Avatar
      Darth Snow -
      North scoreboard is gonna be the big one. We will see
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