• PacHoops: The Heart of the Buffaloes

    By Adam Butler

    I jacked this quote off of @RyanKoenigsbergís twitter as retweeted by


    Boyle: I want this to be the best home-court advantage in the Pac-
    12. Our fans must understand how important these non-conference
    games are.

    I love this. Maybe itís some PR, some sweet speak to get the fans excited about their
    coach. A further rallying cry by which The Keg and C-Unit can rest its laurels and
    continue to be the yellers and screamers and intimidators behind Boyleís 47-7 home
    record. But thereís plenty of validity to getting rowdy.

    Because thatís where itís at. No, us in the stands arenít going to win many games Ė by
    most accounts weíre worth about 3.5 points or 10.5 if youíre playing at altitude Ė but
    without support around what youíre trying to accomplish, Tad Boyle isnít going to get
    a chance to win many ball games. Why do Kentucky and Kansas bring all their recruits
    to Big Blue Madness and Late Night at the Phog? Thatís arguably the pinnacle of fan
    support where 15,000+ seat arenas are packed for a basketball practice. Thereís theatrics
    and fire and hype and dunking and excitement. People want to be part of excitement.
    So when Tad says the above and when 9,042 people show up for a 10am game against
    the Jackson State Tigers Ė a team coming off of an 11-18 record Ė then weíre onto
    something. Or growing something. Thereís somethingís cooking and itís not the bacon.
    We could focus really closely at what weíve seen on the floor Ė the good, bad, and
    otherwise - but attendance to a 10am game says more to me about the health of this
    program than almost anything else. I mean, ask yourself what you were doing at 10am on
    a collegiate Saturday? Thereís a kid named Brett Brady scoring 1.5ppg; which means a
    kid named Brett Brady is getting into the game. And scoring points.

    An additional thought to this is what better character to usher in this fan driven era of
    Colorado basketball than Spencer Dinwiddie? Firstly, heís damn good at basketball.
    Thatís probably number one when it comes to gaining fan interest. But heís also a
    confident, charming, funny kid. He wears a mustache and he goes by The Mayor. If you
    canít support that kind of player then youíre probably more of an NBA guy. Thatís ok;
    heíll be there soon enough.

    So keep this up, Buffalo Nation. Continue to make The Keg the toughest place in the
    conference, if not nation, so that when I come in February, we can have the best damn
    time. Like I said above, everyone wants to be a part of excitement, so Iím coming. Iím
    bringing as many Wildcats as you can handle and afterwards Iím buying at The Sink.

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