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Thread: We need a hostile takeover of the University

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    We need a hostile takeover of the University

    Unfortunately, none of this will change until Benson, Distefano, and Bohn are displaced from their positions. 10 straight losing seasons. Just saying.... it's the only way wholesale change happens at CU.

    Until then, it's lip service and window dressing from men not fit not lead.

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    Here is the official sign up for the Occupy CU, Allbuffs list

    Pleases bring some snacks and capri suns for the group

    "The pride and tradition of the Colorado Buffaloes will not be entrusted to the timid or weak"

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    Felt wrong not to swing.-Merrill

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    Not only do they suck from an athletics perspective, they don't appear to be doing **** on the academic side either... their incompetence is truly shocking

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    Where do I sign up. I've been buying up all the ammo I could find since 2008.

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