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Thread: Two words... JIM TRESSEL

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    Two words... JIM TRESSEL

    We need a clean sweep of the program. Bohn, if you're lucky enough to survive this latest debacle, you better have Jim Tressel on the speed dial. The guy is the right man for the job. He's a blue collar guy. He's won national championships on the I-AA and I-A level. He's instantly respected by every coach who he will come into contact with. We will see little to no transfers and decommits. He also won't leave once he turns the program around.
    Jim Tressel. Hire him. Now.

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    Pretty sure he can't coach in college for a few years

    Bobby Pterino

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    The VEST!!!!

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    Two words... JIM TRESSEL

    Petrino isn't going to happen. I see him staying in the south. Jmo.

    Tressell would be fantastic, but would the boosters step up and open their wallets?

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    I said it another thread, I'd be all for Petrino, but no way do I see this administration hiring a high-profile football coach, especially someone with baggage like Petrino.

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    He can apparently coach now with relatively minor penalties. Doubt we'd seriously consider him but wish we would. I also argued for Petrino in another thread.
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    How about Butch Davis?

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    If it would help to get Tressel here, I'd be willing to open a tattoo shop in Boulder.

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    Veteran coach choice: Tressell
    Assistant choice: Smart

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    it will never happen people, CU has no interest in a football program........

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    I can't stand Tressel and thought he was dirty at tOSU, but if it helps us to avoid weekly embarrassment that seems to be the norm, I'm all for it.

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    The Washington State coach could be hired with the right amount of money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boydbuff View Post
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    He can apparently coach now with relatively minor penalties. Doubt we'd seriously consider him but wish we would. I also argued for Petrino in another thread.
    Wow, he misses the first five weeks and the bowl game in his first season? Seems like an almost ideal situation to me: fire JE tomorrow and bring in Tressel, let him sit out those five games in this lost season. He'd be back for the last 3 games, which should be just enough to become familiar with the team and get a head-start on next season. All of the outrage over hiring a coach who is "dirty" should blow over by the end of the year, he'll still have time to recruit, put together a staff, and hit the ground running this spring, with all of the penalties behind him. No-brainer, right? Right? Oh, this is DiStefano and Bohn we're talking about...

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    Bobby Petrino is the guy that we need. Tressell is old and Butch Davis is coming off an academic scandal. No.

    Petrino ****s hot 25 year old blondes on the side and wins football games. Sounds like a winner to me.

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    Bobby Petrino would be my choice. But will still give John Embre atleast 3 years. He is no miracle worker, Hawkins left him a mess After saying that, we need a new dC and OC. Change the scheme, can't have a power running game, when your OL is not good at it.

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