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Thread: 4th quarter crowd looks..... sparse...

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    4th quarter crowd looks..... sparse...

    To put it mildly.

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    Colorado Buffaloes Fan 77buff's Avatar
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    Sad season, Embree is spinning his wheels. This team isn't improving from week to week.

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    its bad im abive the band right niw and no one with twenty yards, but i did expise myself sooo....
    "The pride and tradition of the Colorado Buffaloes will not be entrusted to the timid or weak"

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    With 5 minutes left there have to be less than 5,000 fans there.

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    We will be in the low 30s in attendance for the rest of the season. Maybe it will get Benson & Co. to realize that this is simply unacceptable. Doubt it.

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    I left after the 3rd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duff Man View Post
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    I left after the 3rd.
    Play? Smart.

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    I figured they'd stay with Embree leading cheers before half.

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    I bailed at 34-17 when we punted which i think was about 5 min into the 3rd. The last win I have seen at Folsom was 2001's win of the Red. I have had season tix for a few years now and have been to a handful of games before that.

    Not really sure why I am following this team anymore. It seems that they don't care yet I keep giving hard earned money to them. Definetly not doing season tickets next year. If they are .500 or better next October then maybe I will be back for a few games. Till then the Nuggets should be interesting and I have a feeling the Broncos are about to go on a nice run in the next few weeks.

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    There till the end. Worst loss, because at half, I thought we had a chance.
    Felt wrong not to swing.-Merrill

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    At halftime, the ESPN talking heads were sitting around, half-joking about "Embree gets a win here and losing to Sac State is left far behind in the rearview mirror."

    Well, for anyone at Folsom for that game, no, losing to Sac State isn't being left in rearview mirrors. Maybe in barf-bags. Maybe in buckets. Outside of a speeding car's window.

    But now, the Folsom crowds are leaving, checking their watches and commenting about everything else they can do. "Look - it's still early..."

    The Embree Legacy. "Let's leave - it's still early enough to do ____" just about everything else.

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    Left in 4th @ 37-17. Gutted at how awful our program is.

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    They have got to get rid of Marshall and Brown as coaches ASAP. What kind of defense is he coordinating when the other team gets the edge at will.

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    Left with 12 minutes in the fourth quarter. I said all week that when ASU gets to 28 points I am leaving. Not a 28 point lead, just to 28 points. This team for the last 7 years just cannot score more than 17 points in a game.

    I ended up staying longer than I wanted but still left early. I have had season tickets for the better part of 15 years and I had never left a game early until this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperBuff View Post
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    its bad im abive the band right niw and no one with twenty yards, but i did expise myself sooo....

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