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Ralphie Report: EA College Football 25: How to play and win as Colorado

NCAA Football: Colorado at Utah

Christopher Creveling-USA TODAY Sports

America’s least favorite team can be your bellweather

EA College Football 25 comes out this week, and for those desperate enough to find a ray of joy in this offseason cloud of garbage, they pay 30 extra bucks to play the game three days early. It was me. I did that. now, because of my sacrifice, I will enshrine you with the secrets of the Colorado Buffaloes before most of the world plays the game! Pretty cool thing I did, huh?

First of all, some ground rules. Online competitive play (Road to the CFP is what it’s called in game) consists of three minute quarters and teams are divided up into tiers. Colorado is a Tier 2 team, meaning you don’t lose many “CFP points” against Tier 1 teams like Georgia but you do have the chance to jump up a lot if you beat them. At 87 overall, CU is a solid team in this game, with an explosive offense. Those are always the fun ones to play as anyways. In this game, YOU CANNOT SWAP PLAYBOOKS. This sucks, but adds realism. So the Buffs are running a mostly spread offense and a 4-3/nickel defense. Those are your options as far as playcalling goes. Ok, some enumerated tips:

  • Shedeur Sanders is amazing, use it

Sanders is the best quarterback in the game, which isn’t that far from the truth in real life. He has amazing awareness, pretty good athleticism and lots of touch on deep balls. USE THAT! I personally like to go with the shotgun spread playbook and hit some nice intermediate routes on the sidelines. Those are hard for non-Shedeur QBs in EA CFB 25, so if you have him, take advantage of that.

  • Zone is your friend on defense

Travis Hunter can lock people up in man coverage in this game, but the secondary for the Buffs has some uneven player ratings, which in my experience, just kills man coverage schemes. Much like in real life, a good tight end crossing route is all it takes for this defense to fall apart. Much of my time playing this game has been spent in a Tampa 2 formation out of your classic 4-3 or Dime packages. This prevents the effectiveness of some of those crossing routes, and Hunter’s game sense is so high in this game that he’ll jump one or two for free no matter what. Highly recommend zone coverage as the Buffs, especially those schemes that take away the underneath stuff.

  • Can’t abandon the run completely

It’s crazy how much this game imitates the 2023 season for the Buffs. It may be tempting to throw with Sanders every play, but the AI in EA CFB 25 is smart enough that if you do that, the safeties and linebackers start creeping back and spreading out, and suddenly your throwing windows get small. Dallan Hayden is a great back in this game. I prefer to go no-huddle once I get my personnel grouping (Pistol Spread is a fave of mine) and run some nice inside zone every once in a while. Hayden will pick you up 5 or 6 yards on those plays and keep the defensive AI honest on those PA deep bombs. Also, there’s a fantastic PA Boot play out of that formation that just FEELS right after a run like that. A no-huddle run game does wonders for the whole offense.

These are the ramblings of a semi-retired sports gamer who was looking for anything other than baseball to look at. I have an ok record as Colorado (6-6 right now), but if you keep in mind that every other team I encountered was Alabama or Ohio State (shout out to the one random Kansas team, that was fun), that record ain’t bad! This game is fantastic and shortens the wait for the season even more. Please let me know if you match against me online by starting every game against CU with “Jack? From Ralphie Report?”. I’m sure I’m the only one repping the Buffs these days.

by Jack Barsch
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CU At The Game: A Stroll Down Memory Lane – Nebraska

September 14th could be the last game against the Cornhuskers for years ... Will it be a record-setting four-peat? ... A look back at the last three wins, along with stories and videos of some of CU's epic victories in the series ...

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Ralphie Report: Colorado Buffaloes react to their College Football 25 ratings

Colorado v UCLA

Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

Shedeur Sanders is the highest-rated QB in the game.

EA Sports released the individual player rating for their upcoming College Football 25 video game and two Buffs managed to break into the top 20. QB Shedeur Sanders and ATH Travis Hunter made it into the 90 overall club, with Sanders sitting at a 93 overall and Hunter at 95.

Colorado’s players found out their overall ratings at Big 12 Media Day on Wednesday and some Buffaloes weren’t too jazzed things shook out.

Shedeur is tied as the highest-rated quarterback in the game, sharing the title with Georgia’s Carson Beck. Shedeur wasn’t upset with his rating itself, but he took issue with having to share the title of top QB with another player.

“It’s a tie, I don’t believe in ties when it comes to quarterbacks,” said Shedeur when asked if he was satisfied with his rating. “When it comes to quarterback ratings, it’s either winner or loser.”

Colorado safety Shilo Sanders didn’t crack the top 100 players in the game like Travis and Shedeur, but his overall rating isn’t too shabby.

I got to catch up with Shilo at Allegiant Stadium in Vegas on Wednesday and got him to spill the beans on his overall rating. At long last, allow me to break the news of what Shilo is rated in College Football 25:

“They put me as an 86 overall,” Sanders told media members. “My hitting power is probably the highest in the game. I don’t know if it is, but I think it is.”

Hunter is the highest-rated WR in the game, with the second-highest player being Mizzou’s Luther Burden Jr. with an overall rating of 94. Hunter’s awareness and jump stat are both 97, while his strength rating is lacking at 67. It is currently unknown what his rating at cornerback will be.

Unfortunately, Hunter wasn’t at Big 12 Media Day to share his reaction. Based on the fact that he’s the sixth-highest-rated player in the entire game, it’s likely safe to say he isn’t too upset about his score.

College Football 25 will be released to the general public in only eight days, so Colorado fans are close to finally seeing the revival of the beloved series after an 11-year hiatus.

As for Shedeur Sanders and Colorado’s players, they can rest assured that they’ll be able to raise their rating based on their on-field performance this year. If Shedeur wants to emerge as the top QB in the game, leading the Buffs to some tough non-conference games would be a good way to do that.

by RylandScholes
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Ralphie Report: BJ Green II is already making a difference for the Colorado Buffaloes

Oregon v Arizona State

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Colorado’s new star DE is getting high praise from Coach Prime

The college football season is one month away, but new Buffaloes EDGE BJ Green II is already leaving his mark in Boulder. The transfer from Arizona State has established himself as a leader within the locker room, without stepping on the field in Colorado black and gold yet.

“BJ Green is already a leader,” said Buffs head coach Deion Sanders. “They raised him right at Arizona State and for him to come over now, it’s phenomenal. His work ethic, the way he approaches and attacks the game is phenomenal.”

Green, who played with the Sun Devils for three seasons, was widely considered within the top 25 players in the portal this season. Coming off an all-conference caliber season last year, Green will make an immediate impact for the Buffs on the defensive front in 2024.

At Big 12 Media Day in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Sanders set the bar high for his expectations of Green this season. Unprompted, Coach Prime said that he thinks that his new star pass-rusher should be drafted in the first round of the 2025 NFL Draft.

“We want four [picks] in the first round,” Sanders told the media. “The only way that’s going to happen is we win and they are dominant. I think BJ Green could be one of those guys, and I think he will be because he wants it that much.”

Sander isn’t the only person who’s high on Colorado’s new DE either. Green was selected to the preseason all-Big 12 team by media members last week. The only other two Buffs who received preseason all-conference honors were QB Shedeur Sanders and DB Travis Hunter, so Green is in elite company.

Despite the high expectations, Sanders is trying to make things as easy as possible for Green. Along with new defensive coordinator Robert Livingston, Colorado’s staff is trying to maximize Green’s potential by keeping it simple.

“We want to be in a position to allow [the defensive line] to be the best that they can be, and that’s one thing Coach Livingston is doing well,” said Sanders. “He’s not coming in trying to remake everything and reinvent the wheel. Let’s find out what these guys do well and let them do what they do.”

Green will get the opportunity to showcase his on-field skills when the Buffs open their season against North Dakota State on August 29. Until then, he’ll continue leading the Buffs while they prepare for the upcoming campaign.

by RylandScholes
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Ralphie Report: Derrick White named to Team USA, replaces Kawhi Leonard

2024 NBA Finals - Game Five

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Buffs’ legend will hopefully add a gold medal to his incredible year.

Derrick White will be representing all of us, Americans and Colorado Buffaloes fans, at the 2024 Paris Olympics. This news was first reported by ESPN’s Marc J. Spears.

Celtics guard Derrick White will be replacing Kawhi Leonard with USA Basketball, a source told @andscape.

— Marc J. Spears (@MarcJSpears) July 10, 2024

The forever Buff and current Celtic was named to Team USA’s Olympic roster following Kawhi Leonard’s withdrawal from the team. White will step in for Leonard as a defense-first role player to compliment talents like LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

White is one three Boston teammates on the roster, as he joins Jayson Tatum and previous gold medalist Jrue Holiday. The Celtics were utterly dominant in their championship run in no small part to their selflessness and defensive integrity, attributes most clearly demonstrated by the kid from Parker, Colorado.

Also on the roster are Bam Adebayo, Devin Booker, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Anthony Edwards and Joel Embiid and Tyrese Haliburton. On paper this may be the most stacked Olympic roster, perhaps even better than those assembled in 1992 or 2008.

by Sam Metivier
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