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    Pre-Camp Predictions: Starting Defense

    This is so true. we can’t expect these guys to play at high level and play the rick gamboa number snaps. Need to rotate 3 ILB’s. Jon and nate know each other’s positions and can both call the D interchangeably. give nate the bulk of snaps and go from there.
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    Pre-Camp Predictions: Starting Defense

    can’t speak to Allen knowing the system. But i can speak to Jvd. human nature to forget what is old and be enamored with the shiny new toy. I think some have forgot that #31 was an UA all american/ESPN top 300. Speed, strength and size all back and top of the lb’s and knowing the system along...
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    Manning Passing Academy

    haven’t we heard Stanley for a touchdown before over the corn? that could work the September as well
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    2019 roadies

    UCLA, Tempe, Eugene, saying no to Pulman and jury is out for utah.
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    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    Speed update (mph) from Coach Wilson - no idea how to post an image or link.
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    Official Nebraska Hate Thread

    Good catch. I saw that after I posted. Must be a new rival guy here.
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    Official Nebraska Hate Thread

    Recent article the corn wrote about us.
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    Official Spring Practices Thread

    How do you work in stanley? he has elite speed and ability to get open.
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    Who is attending the Spring Scrimmage (game) on April 27?

    Myself, the wife, the 3 kids and in laws. #Go Buffs. Should be mid 70's. #31
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    Official Spring Practices Thread

    JVD laying the hit. #BallOut
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    5 Questions: your predictions for the 2017 class

    Love this now 2 years ago to look at what people think, predict and then what really happens to 18-21 year olds.
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    2019 Nose Tackle

    He sure has the eye of the tiger. 13 months post op and knee is starting to feel great. If he has his say, it won't be a recruit or juco guy.
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    Rae Carruth to be released from prison

    As someone who owns a company. and hires former felons, addicts and homeless, it will be tough for him unless he finds programs like, who we partner with. Most companies are afraid of felons. Mile High workshop recidivism is less than 5%. National...
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    Guess the Attendance: Arizona State

    6 day forcast looks cold and maybe wet.
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    Thoughts on Eliot so far?

    I personally and selfishly wish they would put the 2nd string guys, for sure Jon Van Diest, ha, in that last 7-8 mins of the 4th to get some reps and more game speed. I want in no way RG, DL, and NL to go down but Akil and Jon don't have enough reps in case they do. I would love to see JVD...
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    This week could shake up the 2-deep

    Stanley would be a great option next year. is it worth brining his short for punt returns?
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    This week could shake up the 2-deep

    He's tasted the fruit of his labor and his feet are wet. Now he's even hungrier.