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    '20 TX WR Malik Johnson (Verbal to Kansas)

    Imagine how good this kid might be if he tied both shoes. The sky is the limit!
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    '20 TX WR Malik Johnson (Verbal to Kansas)

    No doubt. A guy who is typically a receiver playing out of the backfield can be murder . . .
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    '20 CA OT Gerad Lichtenhan (Verbal to COLORADO)

    This is amazing! The poor kid in the sweat pants . . . at least he seems to have a sense of humor about it.
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    '20 JC SDE Justin Jackson (Verbal to COLORADO)

    Well if you have ever seen his office and the "closers room" you would probably wonder why it has taken so long. That place, and the back drop is literally magic. A Lance Carl quote, "If you can't close the deal in here you are in the wrong business." Yes Mike, yes you were . . .
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    AZ prep football has blown up

    that is more than I expected, but it isn't surprising that there is a lot of football talent there. A ton of CA transplants continue to move to AZ. Plus so many professional athletes from just about every sport retire there as well. Coach Bernardi was ahead of the curve - ha ha ha . . .
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    2020 Recruit Profile Index & Recruiting News

    East Surry is a 1A school in NC, but other than being small, I think it would compare favorably in most sports to a 3A or 4A in CO or AZ (other places I have lived). I haven't seen him play, but may have a chance to see him this year in basketball or baseball if sons teams sees them in...
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    Kingsbury on recruiting

    I think it is more sales than sucking up, but regardless it is a skillset that while anyone can try it (and work on it and get better) some are naturals, and some love it (the naturals that love it are the Michael Jordans of the sport). If you don't love it you may be good, but you will never...
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    '20 MS S Joe Perkins (Verbal to COLORADO)

    Is this a kid who hasn't spent enough time at higher profile camps? I always wonder if a guy has chosen not to work for the exposure, or if big schools see a guy as second tier recruit.
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    Official Spring Practices Thread

    Chris Hudson? Pretty sure he started, but maybe a rs freshman
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    '20 CO SG Luke O'Brien (Verbal to Colorado)

    Likely a change in the nature of the shots he is taking. Wide open set shots as a frosh, probably mostly similar as a soph, and as a junior he was probably the focus of opposition defense his junior year. And right now he does not look to have the speed/quickness/explosiveness to be great at...
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    2018-2019 MBB Coaching Carousel

    Just coming in to say the same. I like Tad, but this guy is really good. Time to step up a level. Could the Pac12 begin a March toward overall conference respectability? Ernie Kent is gone after all . . .
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    Official Spring Practices Thread

    This is not a disagreement or meant to be any kind of sharp response, but I honestly think we have heard that same thing several times in the spring over the last 4 or 5 years. I don't know that it has ever been true or not true. Honestly I think it would be good if our lines were bigger, but...
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    2019 Rocky Mountain Showdown (8/30)

    WTF? Is this real? What an embarrassment.
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    2019 NIT thread

    Could not agree more. This kid has the goods. He may lack some of the measurables, and he certainly does not look intimidating physically, but he knows how to play the game. As someone mentioned earlier, he knew his team was in trouble, so he took it upon himself to score. In the first half...
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    Official Spring Practices Thread

    CU probably did, he just changed the press release or something . . .
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    2019 NIT thread

    I probably have less technical expertise in understanding how offense runs than you. But what I see is that Tad runs an offense that is safe, or safer than many. Not many early possession shots, not a lot of push into transition type effort. I think he does that because he does not want to...
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    Daily Camera Women's Basketball: Peyton Carter, Mathilde Diop leaving CU Buffs

    Interesting idea. You can hire a coach that is under contract with another school, but he can't coach the first year (new school would have to hire an interim coach while he sits out a transfer year). So the coach still gets paid, he just has to sit out, the same way the players still can get...
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    2019 NIT thread

    This is probably a big issue for buffs. Tad wants to play disciplined set offense, but the type of player that often breaks open a game don't often thrive in that scenario. Gotta find a compromise somewhere in the middle maybe.