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  1. PuebloBuff

    2019 MBB Recruit Profile Index

    My bad on the game log, Medford. I meant the Gatlin comparison only in terms of 3 shooting.
  2. PuebloBuff

    2019 MBB Recruit Profile Index

    Maddox game log. Thought this might be the swiss army knife wing recruit of Tad years past. It's not. Looks to be mostly a shooter. 39.7 from 3. Perhaps not as streaky as Gatlin?
  3. PuebloBuff

    2019 Men's basketball general off-season news thread

    Here's Daniels' game log.
  4. PuebloBuff

    NBA (and other pro league) Buffs

    Pretty line from dwhite: 23 pts off 10-16 and 3-5 from 3. 7A, 2 TO
  5. PuebloBuff

    2018-2019 MBB Coaching Carousel

    Are there any jobs outside the pac musselman is likely to take? Is there a better candidate for the fucla job than him?
  6. PuebloBuff

    2019: Recruiting News, Notes & Visitors

    Maybe less strategic. He’s an Ohio guy. Maybe Browns’ media was interested
  7. PuebloBuff

    I'm fired up about this year's team

    What about the Euro big? He had a decent line vs. the huskies. Also impressed with their schedule. They seem to have looked at Santa Clara and said screw that.
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    GAME THREAD - Buffs vs. Bulldogs | Nov. 13th @6pm | Pac-12 Network

    I’m with you scotch. I was surprised at strating’s bulk but I don’t think he’s tall enough to clean up the garbage and convert bunnies when we start Pac play. Reading tad’s quotes it seems like namon’s playing time is in question, but he’s our second-best rebounder. Aside from the glass, i’m...
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    George King Drafted by the Suns in Round 2

    Congrats to George. Still hanging in on the roster.
  10. PuebloBuff

    LaVissska best CU player since ...?

    Viska is great. Period. But i’ll carry the flag for the 94 team a bit. Yes, Salaam had a great line. But have we ever seen anything like his 35 carry, 317 yard effort against the whorns in Austin? Also, Westbrook had only 36 catches in 94 and was still a first rounder. I think Viska has better...
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    2019 MBB Recruit Profile Index

    Lopez's twitter feed says he visited Wichita recently. Has offers from UNM, GaTech, and Depaul.
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    MBB 2019 Season Hype Thread

    Parquet looked yoked in his HS vids. Vids didn't lie.
  13. PuebloBuff

    MBB 2019 Season Hype Thread

    Hope that doesn’t mean English is gone.
  14. PuebloBuff

    NBA (and other pro league) Buffs

    Ski was 0-3 in 9 mins for the sixers last night. 2 assists, 1 reb.
  15. PuebloBuff

    Woelk - Summer Development: 5 things that need to happen

    Woelk was pretty good in his camera days. As said up thread, working for the athletic department is a different animal. I think Rooney is probably the best beat reporter we’ve had covering the buffs in a long time but he certainly benefits from how much more open men’s hoops is compared to...
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    Your favorite CU game

    Think it was Hudson. But it was a ridiculous play.
  17. PuebloBuff

    Your favorite CU game

    This was my first game at Folsom! I was in 7th grade and have been hooked ever since. But boy do I have a asstastic record when attending games in person. Most memorable that i’ve Been to in person was the Miami brawl game. Watched James Hill, who I saw in high school, help someone rip the face...
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    Most Memorable Buff Dunks

    This picture is why I had it in my mind as dre’s best but watching the replays i’d Have to go with ASU.
  19. PuebloBuff

    Most Memorable Buff Dunks

    George really put it on a few guys. That osu dunk was dirty.