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    9-3* * subject to injuries
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    Buffsurveyor's Sept. 7, 2019 Game Prediction

    Ready and built for all the hardware that is coming! (The present moment is ready to leap forward and win).
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    I sure hope Montez spreads it around this year. We had 22 different guys catch passes today. We want to have balance and get the ball to all the guys that can make plays for us. … - Coach Tucker
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    '18 TX OT Frank Fillip (SIGNED to COLORADO)

    In today's story Click Here "Fillip, who has added about 25 pounds to his frame since spring ball, has been impressive" That would put him right about 300 pounds???
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    Folsom Improvement Priorities Announced

    I'm reading this while Jimmy Buffett is playing a live concert on our 75" 4K screen... Guilty as charged!
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    Being that he is his position coach, I can see a bit more focus on him (teaching moments).
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    Listen up, ****ers!

    Should be a run on new recruit signings this weekend!
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    Recruiting so far...

    The pattern was there for a run up, and a drop off... they could never fill the necessary pieces to make a per run... hence the new coaching staff. Reality is always so much fun from the rear view mirror.
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    Recruiting so far...

    In 2016 they were a top ten team... The year I predicted a 10-1 season (before the season) with a drop off the following year. I do not predict playoff games. (Any given Saturday) If they hadn’t run into the coaching problems at year end, they might have held it.
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    Recruiting so far...

    Not this year, but he didn’t come here to be mediocre! He came here to win National Championships! Go ask him.
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    Recruiting so far...

    If Tucker lives up to expectations, this team will recruit in the top ten. If not, we’ll...
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    '20 CO TE Kole Taylor (Verbal to LSU)

    I’m not sure! Oh wait... You are!
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    '20 AZ WDE Jason Harris

    Now time to close...
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    '20 JC OLB Guy Thomas (Verbal to COLORADO)

    Guy Thomas Coahoma C.C. (Clarksdale, MS) POS: LB HEIGHT: 6-3 WEIGHT: 232
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    Season prediction thread

    5-7 (depth fails) CSU: W Nebraska: W Air Force: W @ Arizona St: L Arizona:W @Oregon:L @ Washington St: L USC L @UCLA W Stanford L Washington L @Utah L
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    Season prediction thread

    9-3 (best case) CSU: W Nebraska: W Air Force: W @ Arizona St: W Arizona:W @Oregon:L @ Washington St: L USC W @UCLA W Stanford W Washington L @Utah W
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    Recruiting so far...

    Just not this year, or next year... Someday (soon) if Tucker can win here.
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    Recruiting so far...

    I gave them a B- due to the higher number of 5.7 Rivals recruits for this time of year if my memory serves me (I am recovering from a mild head concussion currently)! :love::ROFLMAO:(n);):D