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    Official Nebraska Hate Thread

    Guessing they simulated those outcomes
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    Season prediction thread

    USC a dub? Hm ok
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    '16 CO OT Terriek Roberts (Signed to COLORADO)

    Was just thinking about this kid, so he might be transferring?
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    Nebraska tickets

    Seems to me his heart says CU, but his brainwashed head says Nubs
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    Dante Wigley

    Sure could use the CB whisperer right about now...
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    Largest ever Football endowment for CU

    No sub required to read the DP article, Kelli is awesome for her donation
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    Nebraska tickets

    Earlier today tickets were at 200 a pop
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    Mike MacIntyre officially takes Ole Miss DC job

    But guys, he had offers from 3 other universities but decided to stay at CU
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    Official Spring Practices Thread

    Coach Chev a ginger? my dude
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    2019 HCMM Hat Thread

    or the One Hit Wonder who had 4 better offers but chose to stay at CU and lead the buffalos thorough a snow storm
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    2019 HCMM Hat Thread

    how long until practices are closed off haha
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    '19 TX DT Lloyd Murray Jr. (SIGNED to COLORADO)

    how do you come to that conclusion with a brand new staff not even a year in to the job?
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    MBB GAME THREAD - CU vs. Oregon St. | Jan 31st @7pm | Pac 12 Network

    What happened to the student section? Lack of b-ball interest?
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    2019 NFL Draft Thread

    If Elway is the lead decision maker on which QB to draft, the pick is going turn out to be a guaranteed bust
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    '19 TNFR QB Tate Martell (Committed to Miami)

    Tate is definitely transferring. His twitter a few days ago had the headline of "Quarterback at....." He Gone It was amusing to see him calling out Fields on twitter prior to Fields announcing his intent to transfer to Ohio State, then once it was official, Tate decides to transfer out
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    '19 TNFR QB Tate Martell (Committed to Miami)

    "word of advice: ——————— – don’t swing and miss … especially not your second time" TATE MARTELL Kid didn't even want to compete with Fields