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    Recruiting so far...

    Lowered grade to C. Lost Mims, Gonzalez, Taylor, and Jeffers.
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    2019 Official Bold Predictions Thread

    Fontenot, Mangham, and Smith, collectively, gain over 2,100 yards rushing.
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    Season prediction thread

    CSU - W Nebraska - W Air Force - W @ASU - W Arizona - W @Oregon - L @Wazzu - W USC - W @UCLA - W Stanford - W Washington - L @Utah - L 9-3 Hoping and wishing, planning and scheming...
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    Recruiting so far...

    Only 1 (#8) of top 10 instate recruits has committed to CU. Hard to rate recruiting better than C+.
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    All Starting College QBs Ranked - Montez Comes In At #41

    Throw accurate passes, don't throw interceptions, don't fumble, and stay calm.
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    Pre-Camp Predictions: Starting Offense

    QB, WRs, and TE are set. Fontenot will start, but Mangham and Smith will get a lot of touches. Hambright, Lynott, and Sherman will start. Like to see Fillip and Ray step up, but Roddick, Sauvao, or Purcell may start.
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    Pre-Camp Predictions: Starting Defense

    Allen is a **** star juco. He will start. Experience gives Onu the edge to start. Not a lot of disagreement on the other starters.
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    Mark Kennedy new CU President, affirmed in party line vote (formerly Bruce Benson retires)

    Some day Colorado will initiate statewide election for all regents. All regents will be democrats. Democrat regents will eliminate football. Allbuffs will be solely a basketball board. Tad has to start recruiting better.
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    Mark Kennedy new CU President, affirmed in party line vote (formerly Bruce Benson retires)

    OMG, he may be a Christian. Our best coach ever was against gay marriage, abortion, and most leftist positions.
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    Official Spring Practices Thread

    If Kutsch wins starting RT job, OL depth will be good.
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    Official Spring Practices Thread

    Can anyone identify the players? I think Ray is sitting with Sherman Roddick, and Jynes.
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    Bias against CU

    I believe stars matter, but I also believe team rankings should be more generalized. BUFFS were ranked 44, but class could be anywhere from 35 to 55. To consistently be a very good team, BUFFS need to consistently finish in top 20.
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    Bias against CU

    On the bright side, a CU 2 star player like Bakhtiari becomes ALL PRO. Another 2 star player like Witherspoon becomes an NFL starter. Several low to mid 3 star players like Awuzie, Oliver, and Thompson also become NFL starters, and Lindsey wins Rookie of the Year and goes to Pro Bowl. A lot of...
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    '19 TNFR OT Arlington Hambright (Committed to COLORADO)

    If he's Trout or Betts, BUFFS going to Rose Bowl.
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    Offensive Line

    Is Ray healthy?
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    Offensive Line

    Is Fillip working out with team?
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    Multi-year Contract Commitments + 2019 Coaching Staff

    Tired of hearing how Coloradans don't support CU athletics. You vote for these idiots and other idiots from the same party. Look in the mirror.
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    Realistic Analysis of Class

    OT may be a greater need, but Parker Braun is a two time All-ACC guard.
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    All-in-one assistant coach suggestions for CU

    A little disappointed with this hire. Michaelowski was good hire for QC. Hankton probably become QC.
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    Realistic Analysis of Class

    Because so many of today's kids have no idea of history, Walter Mondale used the Wendy's "where's the beef" against Colorado's own Gary Hart. Just for accuracy.