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  1. CitizenKane

    MBB GAME THREAD - CU vs. Oregon | Feb. 2nd @7:30pm | Pac 12 Network

    I didn't make the game, in large part because I officially gave up on the team a while ago. Given that, I thought I should come on here and say that I never suspected this team had a game like that in them. Congrats to them and to Tad. It is only one game, but sometimes one game can become a...
  2. CitizenKane

    MBB GAME THREAD - CU vs. Oregon St. | Jan 31st @7pm | Pac 12 Network

    Hey it's perfectly acceptable to lose to traditional conference doormats at home.
  3. CitizenKane

    JR Payne great coach but was mistake hire for CU (at the time)

    She has her recruits in place now Buffnik. Well at least those she could keep around. Basically she is losing at least one recruit every single year. Can't do that and build a program. After it is built you can maintain, but you can't build that way.
  4. CitizenKane

    Seems Cameron Swartz is transferring

    Ok that is a big reach. She was the freshman with the most potential and has the game that best matched the p12 but she was far from the best player on the team.
  5. CitizenKane

    Seems Cameron Swartz is transferring

    This team isn't going to any tournaments.
  6. CitizenKane

    '19 TNFR DT Jaunta'vius Johnson (Verbal to COLORADO)

    Wasn't good enough to crack Auburn's rotation?
  7. CitizenKane

    MBB GAME THREAD - CU vs. Wazzou | Jan 10th @7pm | Pac12 Network

    Very nice showing by the men against a Cougars team that definitely doesn't have a lot of talent and was down their best player. That is exactly what CU should do at home to a team like that. The test is coming tomorrow with Washington in town. Should tell us more about this years team.
  8. CitizenKane

    Season Tickets

    Makes me wonder how well the AllBuffs ticket purchases are going to fly as well.
  9. CitizenKane

    Seems Cameron Swartz is transferring

    I agree with @WarBuff that this would make sense. If it is true it would imply that JR may not have as close of a relationship with her players as I had previously thought. The fact that Cam wasn't getting a ton of playing time bothered me all year, but I chalked it up to her health issues and...
  10. CitizenKane

    Official Nebraska Hate Thread

    The level of delusion is beyond belief, even for a nubs fan.
  11. CitizenKane

    Steven Montez returning?

    If all of CU's current QB's are still here come spring ball, at least two other QB's will have more productive springs than Montez.
  12. CitizenKane


    I assume this was burned in some rampage on the hill.
  13. CitizenKane

    All-in-one assistant coach suggestions for CU

    I should make something really really clear here. This staff, from the head coach on down, has NOT been limited from a budget perspective. The sum of the salaries to date do not come anywhere close to the maximum budget that could have been spent. I know that leads several of you to all...
  14. CitizenKane

    Possible Replacement coaches

    Marketing needs to focus on students first and foremost, ALWAYS. When the students attend, the games become more fun for everyone. They create an atmosphere that make others want to attend. Get the students to go and make it fun for them and watch what happens to season ticket sales.
  15. CitizenKane

    Steven Montez returning?

    Montez can't read college level defenses, why would anyone think he would do better in the pros? If he goes he will be a bust, but if he stays he may not start...he should go.
  16. CitizenKane

    Seems Cameron Swartz is transferring

    Nice to be completely clueless for a change but this looks bad.
  17. CitizenKane

    MBB GAME THREAD - CU @ Arizona St | Jan 5th @4pm | P12

    Unfortunately, in this case, he is right. This team doesn't have the horses to consistently compete with UW. If they played 10 times UW would likely win 9 of them. So, there is a chance CU can win at home against UW, I just wouldn't expect it. We all saw CU's best performance against...