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    Good lord, can't the season start already.
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    Official Nebraska Hate Thread

    Is that what peckerwood means?
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    An official CU beer partnership with Avery (aka, the most important thread ever)

    I guess if I am going to drink a lager it will be this one.
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    Buffs Podcasts/Radio Shows/Etc

    Tucker and RG seem to have a great relationship. I hope Mel can be successful and lead the Buffs for the next 30 years.
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    Official Nebraska Hate Thread

    What a bunch of ****ing delusional douche bags!
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    The Return of BSN Buffs

    I followed @HenryChisholm on his Twitter today and it was almost like I was there. You guys should read it.
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    Darrin Chiaverini Assistant Head Coach

    This is HCMT's dream job. So if he gets fired?
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    Best CU QB-WR Tandem Ever?

    Hessler to Stiggers.
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    8/3 open practice

    Mostly all of them. I'm not short, if that helps.
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    8/3 open practice

    Pretty sure they are replacing bleacher seats with more bleacher seats.
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    8/3 open practice

    I'm in that picture, hah!
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    8/3 open practice

    Need more info, please.
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    FCS opponent for Spring Game

    How about a FCS opponent in week 11?
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    Official Nebraska Hate Thread

    Thanks, Vic. I know it's on the best tweet page.
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    Official Nebraska Hate Thread

    Ah, the passive aggressive corn schtick. Never gets old. Eat a dick, niblet.
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    '20 JC OLB Guy Thomas (Verbal to COLORADO)

    Sackman Guy Thomas, Miami, FL A new one! Welcome.