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    Mark Kennedy new CU President, affirmed in party line vote (formerly Bruce Benson retires)

    Saying that there was opposition to Benson as president and he turned out to be good, so the people that are opposed to Kennedy are unjustified in doing so is as shallow and meaningless a comparison as there is..... That's like saying Mac was a white guy and ended up being a great head coach, so...
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    '20 LA DT Mason Narcisse (Verbal to Tulane)

    Generally you need the high profile recruits BEFORE you get the 10 win seasons.
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    Mel Tucker the recruiter

    I think theres no doubt he can identify top tier talent. The question is can he recruit it to a less popular school? Its easy to recruit to a school like ohio state or georgia. The question is was he recruiting that talent because of him or because of the school he was with. Georgia didnt have...
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    Listen up, ****ers!

    I have a question..... will i still be able to access this site over the weekend?
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    Recruiting so far...

    MM didnt even require his last OL coach to coach the OL.... wasnt that guy busy not-coaching the tightends or something before he got promoted to OL coach and offensive coordinator?
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    Recruiting so far...

    So what exactly are your expectations for the football program? A bowl game every year? Will perennial 6-7 records make you happy? Or do you expect to compete for Pac 12 titles? If so, you are the one that's delusional if you think we're going to do that with consistently bottom half of the Pac...
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    Need clarification

    Yeah, I don't buy this "those SEC 3 stars are way better than west coast 3 stars" bull****. It sounds way too familiar to the "MacIntyre has an eye for NFL talent. Those 2 stars he is recruiting are really 4 star talents" that people used to push around here. My initial thoughts are that...
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    Official Nebraska Hate Thread

    Remember when Bill Callahan used to consistently bring in top 10 recruiting classes and then proceeded to win multiple national championships at Nebraska? Oh wait, only the first half of that sentence happened
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    Pre-Camp Predictions: Starting Defense

    Just curious, if Hypolite was not kicked off team, would Tucker still have brought Onu in as a transfer?
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    '20 CO TE Kole Taylor (Verbal to LSU)

    #WeAre is objectively one of the dumbest hashtags ive ever seen
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    All Starting College QBs Ranked - Montez Comes In At #41

    That is a terrible example... Tom Brady was treated like a human punching bag all game, while his teammates gave him no help and he STILL completely put his team on his back at the end of the game, leading them on two straight fourth quarter touchdown drives (i think, my memory is a bit hazy...
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    All Starting College QBs Ranked - Montez Comes In At #41

    I agree its not only his fault, but he still has to find a way to read the field with pressure in his face to prove to me that hes an nfl caliber qb. Successful Nfl quarterbacks almost all had the ability to carry their team on their back in college.
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    All Starting College QBs Ranked - Montez Comes In At #41

    The thing that worries me the most about Montez is how he always locks onto his first read and doesnt scan the field. Also its a pet peeve for me when scouts keep listing "has a cannon for an arm" as a strength. The nfl has shown that doesnt really matter. As long as a player has above average...
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    If You Were In Charge Of The Offense

    I would bring paul richardson back, disguised as walk on Maul Pritchardson. Montez wouldnt be able to overthrow him and having a duo of him & shenault would get us to a bowl game for sure
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    '20 CA DT Ricky Correia

    I feel like if he wanted to be here, he would have committed by now. If he hasnt committed by now, when we're one of his only offers, i figure hes just not very interested
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    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    This just goes to show how misleading stats can be. Guarantee nobody thinks kd nixon is the best deep ball threat in college football, or even close
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    Recruiting so far...

    Thats why its way too early to assign a grade. What we have so far is a good start, but class still has potential to end up really good or disappointing. Im a little concerned about the defensive back and defensive line recruiting right now..... if we end up with 4 stars at both positions ill...
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    '20 GA ILB Jayland Parker (Verbal to COLORADO)

    Yay! If Mel Tucker thinks he can be our version of Roquan Smith, I'm excited to see what he does
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    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    I dont know how someone can be short and fast, but not quick. It literally makes no sense to me. If you are KDs size, you have to move your legs faster to run at the same speed as a taller person. And being quick and being able to change directions is all about moving your legs faster, isnt it...
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    '20 CO TE Kole Taylor (Verbal to LSU)

    Lol. I was hoping the guy was just an idot.... but when none of the replies disputed him is when i started to get concerned