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  1. RiverBuff

    2019 Men's basketball general off-season news thread

    You're burying the lead. He picks the Buffs to be second, but "Let the record note that Colorado came very, very close to holding down the top spot in these rankings."
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    Regarding the best player as important on punt returns, there's still (almost) trauma from Raghib “Rocket” Ismail's (called back) punt return against CU in the '91 Orange Bowl. Yes, there was a blatant clipping, but he was a weapon throughout game.
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    HCMT wears the hat as head coach much better than FHCMM:
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    The Basketball Tournament 2019 - Team Colorado is Back

    My favorite sport to play, and also to watch sometimes, is tennis. "It ain't over til it's over.". The goal is the winning score, not who's ahead at the end of a time limit that's altered by different circumstances, e.g., fouling, time outs, 'flopping', etc. You could be down 1 set, 0-5, in...
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    The Basketball Tournament 2019 - Team Colorado is Back

    I love it. Makes the end of the game so much more exciting. Limits fouling and speeds up the pace. Every play is important. Every game ends on a made, stressful shot. Even though the Buffs were mostly outplayed that last game, they had a great -- but missed -- opportunity to win it. I...
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    Recruiting so far...

    I gave a B+. I thought about grading on a curve as one poster postulated. But MT says "no excuses", so I won't let CU's state of affairs affect my grade. I do think that you have to grade based on what 'class' we're taking. If it's a graduate level class, like SEC, that's one level. With CU...
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    Tucker's best hire yet? Brian Cabral is back in the program

    I remember when he took over the (losing) team after Hawkins was fired in Nov. 2010. The players rallied around him and he won the first game and ended up 2-1.
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    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    Thanks. Makes sense. I thought HCMT came on after the Dec. 19, 2018, NLI date. He actually started Dec. 5. He had to re-recruit MM's class, but didn't he bring on some more after the NLI, including some JUCO's and other transfers?
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    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    How many of these incoming freshmen or transfers were signees by FHCMM vs recent recruits by HCMT?
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    '20 MA TE Caleb Fauria (Verbal to COLORADO)

    "I guess I owe it all to Pamela Brown"
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    Sir Larry Scott..

    WTF ?!?! And of course, DiStefano is a part of this.
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    Nebraska tickets

    This game is going to be the highest grossing ticket sales game ever for CU at Folsom. Every price level is 'high'.
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    Mark Kennedy new CU President, affirmed in party line vote (formerly Bruce Benson retires)

    Kennedy is a terrible choice as CU president, for so many reasons A bigger picture problem is that the BoR has such an important role in managing CU and in picking this important position. The regents are voted in by residents of CO and typically on party lines. The state now contributes...
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    We now take you to USC, UA, Okie Lite, Auburn, Da U, KANSAS, & NC State

    NYTimes article: "...said that the evidence “establishes very clearly that Sean Miller is paying players at Arizona,” and that there is “systematic cheating” taking...
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    Official Spring Practices Thread

    I see what you did there.
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    Ryan Miller and Head Trauma

    Article in NYTimes about Ryan Miller and his struggles with head trauma:
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    2019 NIT thread

    Surprised it shows the student section "sold out", with it being spring break. Guess they don't ever put them on on-line sales (and don't keep track of 'holidays').
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    2019 NIT thread

    Tucker has done more for and with the CU basketball team in his first three months here than FHCMM did his whole six(?) years here. Shows to me he's fully invested long-term into CU and supports his statements that he's recruiting every day.
  19. RiverBuff

    2019 Pac-12 Tourney

    I find it interesting that the Defensive Player of the Year comes from a team that plays the (best?) zone.