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    2019 NIT thread

    I don't get the point you are trying to say here. Are you saying we should recruit more diamond in the rough?
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    2019 NIT thread

    And Kountz. He needs to be a little stronger next season but definitely shows the progress this season.
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    MBB GAME THREAD - CU vs. UCLA | Mar. 7th @ 7pm | ESPN2

    remember when we all felt like NIT was out of reach? I don't mind NIT for this year. I call it meeting expectations
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    Other games thread -- Conference Play!

    I don't see Utah losing to this UCLA team, USC better get their ass together
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    Given the reputation and perception of Pac12 this year, I think we almost need to get into top 50 to even have a chance. So NIT is a much more hopeful goal
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    MBB GAME THREAD - CU vs. Arizona | Feb. 17th @ 6pm | ESPNU

    Assume that we don't shoot our foot in the last few games, the NIT journey becomes a possibility now, right?
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    MBB GAME THREAD - CU @ USC | Feb. 9th @8pm | ESPNU

    I was wrong about this team, I thought they are done after Namon quited. Well, at least I told you guys to be patient. We are seeing some serious growth from this team
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    MBB GAME THREAD - CU @ UCLA | Feb. 6th @7pm | Pac 12 Net

    Kountz defense is pretty much where Schwarz was at last year. But yes Schwarz has much better outside shooting and taller so technically speaking he is 3 and Kountz is 2. I'm not really sure if Kountz can really play 1, doesn't look like a natural ball handler to me. His style always looks like...
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    MBB GAME THREAD - CU @ UCLA | Feb. 6th @7pm | Pac 12 Net

    I think this game is more of how bad this UCLA is than how good we are. But yes you can clearly see the potential of this team. Like I said many times here, be patient. I can start seeing why Kountz is an interesting player. Very typical Tad style wing. Isn't he very similar to Schwartz though?
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    MBB GAME THREAD - CU vs. Oregon | Feb. 2nd @7:30pm | Pac 12 Network

    Another thing to point out is that neither team shoot well for 3. We won because they suck more today (and bey). Tad still needs to recruit big time shoorter
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    MBB GAME THREAD - CU vs. Oregon | Feb. 2nd @7:30pm | Pac 12 Network

    This is why you need to be patient with this team. Kountz is having some nice growth tonight.
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    All-in-one assistant coach suggestions for CU

    So it could be the case that we did pick Valai but then he got the chance for DC gig which introduces this huge delau
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    '19 CA OT Nikko Pohahau (SIGNED to COLORADO)

    Film looks good. Surprised that he is so lightly recruited. There has to be something missing right?
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    2018-2019 Coaching Carousel..

    So basically this is the ONE position they needed a home run at. And they hired Les Koenning.
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    MBB GAME THREAD - CU vs. Washington | Jan 12th @8pm | ESPNU

    If they keep up progressing like tonight when they don't have Kin on the field, I don't think tourney is out of question.