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    2019 Men's basketball general off-season news thread

    I felt like that locker room was brand new, and we just toured it as it opened In other news, I feel a bit older today
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    NY Times Article

    Just saw this on my google feed, such BS I am guessing they are trying to divert the attention from recommending a Mike Pence want to be for the new president
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    University of North Dakota President sole finalist for CU role

    Agreed, I am just surprised it has continued for so long
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    University of North Dakota President sole finalist for CU role

    I am curious how CU, a liberal school in a liberal town can choose so many Republican presidents. Not sure of the full history, but below is the breakdown for a bit Bruce Benson (R) - Oil Tycoon Hank Brown (R) - Politician Elizabeth Hoffman (?) - But I believe it is rumored that Condoleezza...
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    2018-2019 MBB Coaching Carousel

    I always thought it was a odd move to go to TCU
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    2019 NIT thread

    Convenience Fees... I loath you Anyway, what do you think the chances are that you can walk up and buy a ticket tomorrow night with out the fees?
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    2019 Pac-12 Tourney

    I have to say that David Crisp has to be one of the most annoying players out there. I have to admit he is a good player, but he has to be on the list of players I would love to see someone deck.
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    MBB GAME THREAD - CU vs. Arizona St. | Feb. 13th @8:30pm | FS1

    Thats my new line "Thats a bull sh** call Kevin"
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    SIAP: chip’s Injury

    I can confirm that story, but I thought it was out there right away. But I have no idea where I read it, but have heard it directly. Still funnier to think he shot himself in the balls
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    Possible Replacement coaches

    So, let me get this right, so you are thinking I was sitting there on another webpage hitting refresh waiting for a new article to post, read it, then take it to AllBuffs to post something similar all within 15 min. I don't have zero time, I do read AllBuffs a couple times a day, I do post...
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    '19 TNFR QB Jalen Hurts (Committed to Oklahoma)

    Out of curiosity, does anyone here actually think we have a real chance at getting Jalen? Im not a huge football guy, but best I can tell, doesn't seem like much of a debate who the better player is between Montez and Hurts. I like Montez, but seems like a bit of a leap saying that he is better.
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    Possible Replacement coaches

    Out of curiosity, what are some things that you guys think the AD could do in the near term to get things rolling again? Overall, it seems that the excitement is just not there anymore, and I agree that if RG kept up some of the small things that Bohn was doing it could have kept going a bit...
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    Possible Replacement coaches

    I just hope he puts a bit more effort into Basketball once he gets Football rolling. As much as I wish basketball was taken care of, I understand that football runs the show. A better discussion is what could be done at the AD level to help basketball.
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    Possible Replacement coaches

    That is pretty funny, I was not aware of that at all, sorry I don't have the time to sit and read about the Buffs all day long (although it would beat my day job). I was thinking about it for a few days and didn't have time to post it, too bad I wasn't a bit earlier. (FIFY BTW) But the...
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    Possible Replacement coaches

    Since everyone is talking about how we should fire Tad, I figured we should talk about who we could get to replace him, so below is my list of candidates that would bring CU to the next level: Mike Krzyzewski – I hear that he loves boulder from that one time he played here 35 years ago! I think...
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    Deleon Brown

    How is that? If he is ineligible, how does he get his eligibility back? Is this NCAA Ineligible or stricter CU ineligible rules?
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    Reissue Mobile tickets no longer available?

    I wasn't able to do it with basketball last year either. But now I cannot do it for football either. *probably should have put this in the football forum, but oh well, football sucks and its basketball season
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    Reissue Mobile tickets no longer available?

    I have done this before in a pinch, and it sucked, took forever to get it to work. But they can do it.
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    Reissue Mobile tickets no longer available?

    I have been re-issuing my tickets (football) to my phone, then just scan the phone when I get to the gate, and this was awesome. But now it is making me print the ticket. Did I miss something on why this is no longer allowed, it was incredibly helpful.