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    New WBB Commit Allysa LaFontaine

    Welcome to CU Allysa!!!! Allysa LaFontaine 6' G, Boswell High, (Ft. Worth, TX) [Committed 7/13/2019]
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    Olympic Sports- Transfers (incoming and outgoing) and other roster news

    Leah Clayton is coming to play volleyball at CU. Sorry to all of you Anna Kendrick fans. From a quick google search, Leah Clayton just completed her junior season at ETSU. She is a 5'11" outside hitter from Danville, VA. She...
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    WBB 2019 Pre-Season Info Thread

    I found online that CU will be playing away in Reno, NV at the Nugget Classic on Nov 23rd and 25th against Utah St. and Nevada. Does that mean there is no Omni Classic this year? I usually fly into Boulder for Thanksgiving just to see the women play a couple of games. I am bummed out...
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    WBB Team 2017-18

    There are some interesting games I am looking forward to watching on the schedule. It looks like CU gets an early test going to North Carolina on Sunday, Nov. 12th. The next weekend CU gets Miami at home on Saturday, Nov. 18th. The Omni Classic on Thanksgiving weekend includes George Mason...
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    WBB Team 2017-18

    Thanks for the reply CUoldtimer. I slightly disagree with Freeman not being a loss. Let me start by stating the CU's offensive last season was infinitely better than the previous years. There was a flow and a purpose that was so fun to watch. But there were moments, especially during...
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    WBB Team 2017-18

    Wait. What happened to Freeman?
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    WBB v Wyoming - Wednesday, 7 pm

    Coach Payne needed to sit Leonard sooner. She was attacking the basket to get fouled rather than trying to score. Wyoming didn't take the bait. I lost count on how many times the girl Leonard was guarding hit a 3 or drove right past her. That was just really bad defense. Once Leonard sat down...
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    WBB v Wyoming - Wednesday, 7 pm

    No sound here either. Open a second tab or window and go to the following link: There should be an audio webcast of the game on the web page. I just pause the video until the audio catches up.
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    Game Day WBB - Buffs host U. of Kentucky at 7PM

    Yesterday's game was a huge win in more ways than just on the scoreboard!!! Coach Payne got Mykasa!!!
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    Game Day WBB - Buffs host U. of Kentucky at 7PM

    Aztec you're Golden buddy!!!
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    Game Day WBB - Buffs host U. of Kentucky at 7PM

    Is anyone getting sound on the Colorado Live Stream webpage? I missed 2/3 of the 1st half thanks to the video feed not loading properly. Can someone nudge Carol Callan or that Lopez guy and ask what station they are being broadcast on? Is the game even being broadcast on the radio? I've tried...
  12. M Buffs Prepped for Black & Gold Scrimmage On Saturday (Volleyball)

    Who is going? I am down the river from Buffgal in St. Louis, so I need someone to provide notes on the scrimmage.
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    2016-2017 Pre-Conference WBB Schedule

    I feel bad for Zoe Beard-Fails. I know there is no written rule, but it would have been nice for CU to go to the Washington D.C. area for Zoe's friends and family to watch her play as a senior. Huggins, Watts, and Smith should get a chance for family to see them play.
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    2017 WBB Recruit Profile Index

    Quick, who can name another CU women's basketball player from France? Virginie Delepine (sp?) We were in the same Biology class one summer.
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    WBB '17 WI Wing Estella Moschkau (Signed to Stanford)

    Just from past experience, whenever I hear of a exceptional athlete who is 6 ft or taller and Stanford, I won't hold my breath if CU has offered her a scholarship. I have been burned a couple of times by holding out hope on a recruit that seems like a good Colorado fit. If she has a high grade...
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    New Women's Basketball Coach JR Payne

    What was that...8 days on the job? That doesn't feel like a guy I would trust. I'd like to find out the story on the hiring process. Did Coach Payne specifically single this guy out for the asst coaching position? Or did he interview for the job after he was hired at Southeastern?
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    Linda Lappe has resigned as WBB Head Coach

    Jaime White has a Ceal connection. She used the triangle offense at UNC. Who else teaches the triangle better than Coach Barry? It's the offense that took Coach Lappe to the elite 8. My biggest concern is that Coach White has no big wins on her resume. She lost to CSU twice this year. They were...