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    Pearl Street / Friday Night Before Husker Game

    Man you guys need to get out of the house more often
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    '17 FL OLB Santino Marchiol (Verbal to Texas A&M)

    Definitely thought I had attached the article, thanks for doing that. But ya, Yikes
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    Iowa fan visiting for the Air Force game

    Any particular reason? I worked in Grand County all last summer and Kremmling is...ok?
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    Nebraska tickets

    Try I must have been typing too fast, I’ll edit the original post.
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    Nebraska tickets

    Email if you didn’t receive the email. That’s what I did and they hooked me up pretty quick. Edited to fix the email.
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    Nebraska tickets

    Code works if you include the entire thing (like ALUMNI:whatever number) you must include alumni! Got mine.
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    The Spring Evaluation Period starts today

    Hell yeah, DC represent! We might get taxed with no representation but we know how to produce pro football and basketball players.
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    Nebraska tickets

    Would love to grab one, unless I grab one the minute they come on sale
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    2019 Colorado Football Schedule & Future Schedules

    That is some awesome news, so pumped!
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    Official Spring Practices Thread

    Yeah I really hope the Auburn transfer (Johnson) makes a huge impact. But between Williams, Murray Jr, and Simon that’s a decent prep class coming in.
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    Nebraska tickets

    I would love one of those extras if they’re not spoken for by then!
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    Nebraska tickets

    I appreciate that! I’m hoping a decent group of Allbuffers buy some extras and just try and hop on that. The alumni pre-sale sounded promising...but I haven’t gotten an email (and I even still use the one) or any sort of info about that past a post on this board.
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    Nebraska tickets

    I would love one of the 75$ tickets if anyone has any available!!! Edit- I know I’m not a big poster but I’ve been around a while..this is just the first year I didn’t buy the “Young Alumni” season tickets.
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    Nebraska tickets

    Yeah I’m worried about getting a ticket but that alumni presale sounds promising!
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    Game thread - NIT- Basketball at Texas (Wednesday, 3/27, 7:00 PM MT)

    This is going about as awfully as it could.
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    Game thread: CU vs NOFKST

    We are gonna be good next year
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    Game thread: CU vs NOFKST

    I think coach Brumbaugh is sitting over here in the bleachers near me.
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    Game thread: CU vs NOFKST

    Students are...definitely not here.
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    2019 NIT thread

    Bey warming up and looking fine. EDIT- Dunked as I said this and came down with no problem.