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    There have probably been many posts on this subject - but, if so, I missed them. Is coach going to wear that hat during games? Hoping not.
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    Countdown to Kickoff

    I know this has been discussed before, but I can't find it. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good on-line betting site? Thanks
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    2018 Colorado Men's Basketball Roster & Schedule

    ESPN has UNC dancing, but not The Buffs. It's early, but.............
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    The Basketball Tournament 2019 - Team Colorado is Back

    How do people like the 'Elam Ending'? Keeps the leading team from stalling and has made several games a lot closer. Not sure I'd like to see it in the NCAA though
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    The Basketball Tournament 2019 - Team Colorado is Back

    who is showing it? disappeared on hulu
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    Season prediction thread

    Realize this doesn't belong here, but I have the recollection that CU said Bryan Stoltenberg had 32" calves. I know that sounds impossible. Am I dreaming?
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    Tucker's best hire yet? Brian Cabral is back in the program

    He was named to the CU Hall of Fame this month - but got little respect from the press. I am thrilled he's going to be there with the team.
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    '20 CA OT Gerad Lichtenhan (Verbal to COLORADO)

    But what's that on his head? (a different pick showed more than one guy wearing whatever that is)
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    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    worth mention: Brian Cabral,Gary Barnett and Barry Helton now in CU Hall of Fame. Very happy for Brian.
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    Cornerback Issue

    4 of 7 who aren't staying w/ Tucker are from the secondary. and,if you need a new, non-nike Buffalo hat...
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    dc Daily Camera Football: CU Buffs cornerback Ronnie Blackmon enters transfer portal

    4 of 7 players who are leaving since Tucker arrived, play in the secondary. a position coach issue? (and Blackmon is from GA)
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    Official Spring Practices Thread

    Thank's Adam M. The linked story is great and I look forward to seeing Sami play.
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    2019 NIT thread

    note that Tad "was tearful" recounting that moment
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    2019 NIT thread

    and here's a nice write-up:
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    2019 Allbuffs Bracket Challenge

    "Case in point — after just one day of March Madness action, just 0.25% of brackets in ESPN's Tournament Challenge remain perfect, according to ESPN Stats & Info. More than 17.2 million brackets were submitted to ESPN this year, and of them, only 42,828 were able to nail the first 16 games of...
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    2019 NCAA Tournament Thread

    What does Beto have to do with the NIT? I didn't see CNN today.
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    2019 NIT thread

    i think the o/u is 139
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    2019 Allbuffs Bracket Challenge

    Okay. One of the most fun bets ever, is to bet every game in the tourney with a friend - either all the underdogs or all the favorites, using the published point spreads. I've done this for $1 to $5 per game and in the end very little money changed hands. What it does is give you a betting...
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    2019 Pac-12 Tourney

    what pac 12 channel has the game please
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    2019 Pac-12 Tourney

    KOA: for the BB awards, the players voted Strating "Best Teammate" big honor