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  1. Scotch


    hopefully the front 7 can consistently pressure the opposing QB.
  2. Scotch

    An official CU beer partnership with Avery (aka, the most important thread ever)

    I hope its better than Buffalo Gold. Its great to see this happen!!!! Avery is also a favorite of mine.
  3. Scotch

    Recruiting so far...

    If depth is something you value(hint: it absolutely should) then it does make sense to factor in the number of players.
  4. Scotch

    Recruiting so far...

    C+ D Line recruiting needs to improve before I'll bump it up any further.
  5. Scotch

    Recruiting so far... - #41 - Tied for #36
  6. Scotch

    2019 Men's basketball general off-season news thread

    guess that means you'll have to come back home for an extra game dude! (y)
  7. Scotch

    2018 Colorado Men's Basketball Roster & Schedule

    I wish UNC would put more resources into that program and compete with Weber St and Montana more consistently. The potential is there. Also wish DU could find a way to join the Big Sky.
  8. Scotch

    3 Point Line Being Moved Back

    Haven't read it, I'll have to check it out. The NIT used the NBA size lane this year and I didn't see much difference. Maybe spread the floor more than usual, it'd be interesting to see how that would work with the new 3-ball distance.
  9. Scotch

    3 Point Line Being Moved Back

    Another big one.... I liked this rule change in the NBA this season.
  10. Scotch

    3 Point Line Being Moved Back

    Good move imo. Opens the lane and stretches a zone d a bit more. We see so many 3's taken and made from that distance anyway.
  11. Scotch

    '19 TNFR S Mikial Onu (Signed to COLORADO)

    Agreed. The sense of urgency we're seeing from this staff on the recruiting trial is refreshing at the very least. They're working hard to plug holes and build depth for the '19 season.
  12. Scotch

    Nebraska tickets

    no different than any other year you guys came here.
  13. Scotch

    Nebraska tickets

    I think the best solution here is to take up a collection for Kamel to stay home
  14. Scotch

    '20 GA OT Jake Wray (Verbal to COLORADO)

    I hope for a day when the pipeline is stocked enough to be able to redshirt guys like this.
  15. Scotch

    Mark Kennedy new CU President, affirmed in party line vote (formerly Bruce Benson retires)

    Dude stfu. You're as big a crybaby as anyone around here. I hope Kennedy is successful and this all goes away soon. I am very concerned that the most qualified person for the job is a guy who seems to be best known for cutting budgets and has zero ties to the state as far as we know.
  16. Scotch

    Mark Kennedy new CU President, affirmed in party line vote (formerly Bruce Benson retires)

    It does sound like some difficult choices had to be made at UND when he took the job. I wonder how much of the fundraising short falls during his time there are related to changing the mascot name and the blowback from boosters and alums because of it, in addition to the cuts in athletics that...