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  1. tante

    Pearl Street / Friday Night Before Husker Game

    Would it have been acceptable if someone said they were making you and your lovely wife tube steaks for breakfast? What about beef. lots and lots of beef. If you guys are on a diet, how about a nice tossed salad? something something glazed buns...
  2. tante

    New Buff Beer

  3. tante

    New Buff Beer

    But you said your head explodes. Did you jizz in your pants?
  4. tante

    Noyer moves to safety

    I had him pegged as a fullback.
  5. tante

    New Buff Beer

    So you are mad at someone not knowing the difference as they were saying they didn't know the difference.
  6. tante

    New Buff Beer

    Did someone actually say that in this thread?
  7. tante

    New Buff Beer

    why did you feel the need to point this out?
  8. tante

    New Buff Beer

    So the guy that started Prost was the head brewer at Dry Dock and put them on the map with a ton of hardware from GABF, World Beer Cup, etc. So the guy is a really good brewer. Well he left Prost and started Bierstadt Laugerhaus, where he makes a world class Pilsner. I'm not a Pilsner fan by...
  9. tante

    An official CU beer partnership with Avery (aka, the most important thread ever)

    Avery is corporate owned now, so unless it leads directly to an increase in the bottom line it won't happen.
  10. tante


    Is it a UBL to point out this might be the reason he moved across the country?
  11. tante

    Official Phillip Lindsay Really is the first undrafted rookie in the ProBowl Thread

    So the news is a bit late but Phillip Lindsay received an extra $200k. Once again it is tilted toward offensive lineman, but still a nice Christmas bonus for him.
  12. tante

    What things can CU do to raise its football prestige?

    Move visiting fans to upper level. Actually now that I think about it more. Move the visiting fans and enclose the bowl and add a beer garden/ pavilion on the north West corner of the stadium above the seats. It would have a great view of the foothills north of Boulder.
  13. tante

    2019 Rocky Mountain Showdown (8/30)

    I found some video of CSU summer practice. They look fiesty.
  14. tante

    Dilemma - Oregon game

    1. Take tickets 2. sell on StubHub 3. donate money to CU. 4. Tell neighbor he is now a CU booster. 5. ? 6. Profit
  15. tante

    The Great Recruiting Rankings non-Conspiracy

    247 offers a membership subscription for CU fans. Memberships skyrocket. Days later CU's only QB recruit, the most important position on a college football team, is bumped to a four star. Masses are appeased.
  16. tante

    Sir Larry Scott..

    @MiamiBuffs Interesting you mentioned Netflix. The will need content badly soon and will competing with Disney+ at the end of the year and I just read AT&T wants to bundle hbo, cinemax, and Warner brothers for $16 and that would launch next year.