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  1. hokiehead

    Listen up, ****ers!

    Good bye every one. Hope to see you on the other side. In case something goes terribly wrong -- it's been fun.
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    Pac-12 Media Day 7/24

    Funny, but I can imagine the reaction if a white player made a similar comment about black people.
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    2019 College Football News

    Under Scott's proposal, scheduling all four OOC game vs non-P5 opponents would still leave them six P5 games short of the minimum needed to qualify for playoffs. They'd be eliminated before the season started, not upon losing a game.
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    2019 College Football News

    That policy would remove all hope of non-G5 schools for making the ayoffs and earning the associated revenue. Is that what fans want? Shjt man, i now routinely hear casual CFB fans lament that their season is over in week 2 because of a single OOC loss. U think that sucks and lament the days...
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    2019 College Football News

    If that would become policy, it would widen the divide between the P5 schools and the rest of D1. I realize many believe that is NBD but I don't see it as a good thing for college football as fewer schools are given any shot at significant revenue. Regardless though, we're probably too far down...
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    Listen up, ****ers!

    that's a very rude OP
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    2019 College Football News

    with the 10P5 rule, the SEC and ACC could stay at 8 for the foreseeable future playing each other without a fraction of the Pac12 or XII in-conference travel costs.
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    Realignment Starting - UConn

    my thoughts put together from following this topic fairly closely for the last ten years. hokiehead presumptions: last round of realignment was driven by media markets. I believe that will a secondary factor in the next major round, I believe quality of content will be the driver as the sports...
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    Power 5 Preseason Predictions

    CFP: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia B1G: tOSU ACC: Clemson XII: Oklahoma Pac: Utah SEC: Alabama Pac 12 South: Utah, USC, Arizona St, Colorado, UCLA, Arizona Pac 12 North: Washington, Stanford, Oregon, Washington St, Cal, Oregon St fairly unimaginative and certainly not fearless
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    Realignment Starting - UConn

    Just pointing out that uniform cardinality of major conferences has NEVER been a driver in realignment. I don't understand why so many seem to think that's about to change.
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    Dilemma - Oregon game

    Take them! A Buffalo fears not a raft of ducks!! And don't let your seating location affect how loud, or when, you shout and cheer. It is your sacred duty to fùck up the other team's snap count with verbal outbursts while CU is on D. Seriously, I've attended at least eight college stadiums in...
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    Sir Larry Scott..

    I don't know man. My first year in CO, I attended an AFA game with a 10AM kickoff and thought it was awesome. We were done by 1PM and had the entire afternoon and evening free (I think we hit Garden of the Gods). 9AM kicks would be great for families (Utah, to your point) and those who don't...
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    Nebraska tickets

    craigslist, but even there, be prepared to pay > face value until game day
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    3 Point Line Being Moved Back

    I suspect the NCAA will move it again in a few years to match the NBA. I was thinking about this the other day, and how over my lifetime, the 3 point line has moved multiple times. Currently the space between the three point line and the sideline is only 3ft in the NBA and many players' shoes...
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    2019 Men's basketball general off-season news thread

    just noting that December 7 will be the weekend of the football CCGs. since the Buffs will play theirs on Friday, good planning should get fans from Santa Clara to Lawrence in time for tip.
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    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    "All five games are slated for national television broadcasts."
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    Nebraska tickets

    VT fans have gotten used to teams charging higher ticket prices for their games against us than other teams (notably Duke and East Carolina typically doubled prices). Fans of those teams always told us to take it as a sign of respect. Not a view I ever bought into. I hated it, but was never...
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    Kingsbury on recruiting

    If he feels that way about recruiting, then it was a damn smart move going to the NFL. I can't imagine that any part of sucking up to high school students and their families is fun, and can't blame him for not enjoying it.
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    Pac-12 & DiStefano - Wilner Hotline

    DiStefano seems to have higher esteem with the other eleven conference schools than at CU. At least if Allbuffs is representative of CU.
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    Maybe just me, but @Liver 's use of "bad bad bad" in this thread title always strikes me as out of character for who he portrays on Allbuffs.