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  1. Buffalo Brad

    New Buff Beer

    Firestone Walker - in Paso Robles California
  2. Buffalo Brad

    '20 TX RB Stacy Sneed (Verbal to COLORADO)

    Digity Damn that was quick! Welcome to the herd!
  3. Buffalo Brad

    New Buff Beer

    There is actually quite a bit of experimentation going on with lagers in the craft beer scene. It is a growing segment and will be one of the next big trends. Lager does not mean it has to be Bud or Coors. Hops and adjuncts work just as well with Lagers. Oktoberfest is fermenting in my basement...
  4. Buffalo Brad

    Nebraska tickets

    I think they offered them for sale to alumni before the general public, did you miss that one
  5. Buffalo Brad

    2019 Official Bold Predictions Thread

    Our running game and Oline are in the upper half of the Pac 12. The D line is better than serviceable. The Linebackers are very good and the DBs hold their own. Our D surprises everyone and is mid Pac 12 ranked at the end of the season. The Buffs win 9 and maybe 10 games and play Utah for a...
  6. Buffalo Brad

    We're back, mother****ers!

    Firefox FTMFW!
  7. Buffalo Brad

    '20 CO TE Kole Taylor (Verbal to LSU)

    They did not pull off Kole and will continue to recruit him. He was the first kid HCMT went after when he got here. This was a full press that we did not win. Not yet anyway. Either way, I hope the kid is happy wherever he ends up. Great player.
  8. Buffalo Brad

    Official Nebraska Hate Thread

    Rich coming from a Nub fan. Really rich.
  9. Buffalo Brad

    '20 JC OLB Guy Thomas (Verbal to COLORADO)

    Welcome to the BnG! Building something special
  10. Buffalo Brad

    Countdown to Kickoff

    Was actually there yesterday and they had a bunch. Did pick up a pretty nice CU 1/4 zip pullover though! (y)
  11. Buffalo Brad

    2019 College Football News

    Mike Pritchard subbing for EB in the 1990 Pigskin classic - Was a freak that day delivering 217 yds on 20 carries Edit: and I and 3 friends went to the game. Renting a Lincoln Towncar, driving to the game with a stop in Vegas for 1 night. Unreal roadie
  12. Buffalo Brad

    Realignment Starting - UConn

    Bring me UT, OU, KU and Mizzou
  13. Buffalo Brad

    Season tickets out tomorrow?

    Mine were pushed to tomorrow delivery as well.
  14. Buffalo Brad

    Season tickets out tomorrow?

    I got the same notice and tomorrow is my Birthday as well!
  15. Buffalo Brad

    What if the NU rivalry was done like UT-OU?

    If it could get the Red River level of exposure, hell yes. Just want to ensure we do not end up with a NU home game atmosphere in Denver every time we play them. I hate the ****ing red in the stadium and I think it might be a problem more years than not. Maybe once we get back to consistent...
  16. Buffalo Brad

    '20 CO TE Kole Taylor (Verbal to LSU)

    CU is taking steps for sure though. Look at the Juco influx, the focus on the recruiting of the tight end position via offers and the effort that is being put into Kole. Hell, that was one of the first visits that HCMT made. I know it has not been shown on the field as of yet but that is...
  17. Buffalo Brad

    '20 CO TE Kole Taylor (Verbal to LSU)

    I still like our chances here. He definitely likes HCMT a lot. We may be a long shot but we are still in the game
  18. Buffalo Brad

    '20 GA ILB Jayland Parker (Verbal to COLORADO)

    Recruiting has taken a major step forward. Love this commitment! Welcome to the BnG family