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  1. 777BuffFan

    Q4 against CSU

    Exactly. Handoffs are pretty easy for QB’s
  2. 777BuffFan

    Best CU QB-WR Tandem Ever?

    If Buffs target one guy as in the past, We get same old, same old. If the O minds on the staff mean what they say, spread the ball to playmakers.
  3. 777BuffFan

    2019 Rocky Mountain Showdown (8/30)

    I’m only looking forward to the day when playing CSU is considered a puff game, as it should be. Might never happen, it is Boulder after all, but hope springs eternal.
  4. 777BuffFan

    2019 Preseason Discussion Thread

    I’m with you there, and when he wasn’t in, we brought in the next only guy we nauseum
  5. 777BuffFan

    Wazzu pre-game thread, Nov 10, 1.30pm MT, ESPN

    Another opportunity to dissuade recruits not to come to Boulder. Think back on big games Buffs have lost, badly lately. Nice uniforms, great mascot, ........
  6. 777BuffFan

    The PAC 12

  7. 777BuffFan

    In denial no longer - 2016 was mostly Leavitt

    Elliot was a disaster at KU and was out the door when MM hired him. Two years out and KU defense is much better in the SEC........which is a bit better than the PAC-12. Just sayin
  8. 777BuffFan

    Coaching Staff

    MM is back next year, unfortunately. $10M. He is out coached weekly, and has a weak supporting cast, which are his guys. Recruiting will slide quickly with all the disasters on display. 2016 was a one off with unusual percentage of upperclassmen (it is college after all). Just another sad...
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    On a positive note...

    Preseason, “lots of playmakers on offense”, game time, only bring one to the job site and hope it will work. No creativity spreading the ball around.
  10. 777BuffFan

    OSU game fallout thread

    Wouldn’t be surprised if #2 transfers.....
  11. 777BuffFan

    OSU game fallout thread

    I was supporting till now. The entire staff is prime FCS material. PAC 12 is down, and we still can’t win. Improving facilities, great campus, and we get this crap. I understand I live in SEC country, but our recruiting is still poor.
  12. 777BuffFan

    CU coaches - Who Should Stay and Who Should Go

    Coming out of a bye week, must win game, and totally laying an egg is a coaching staff problem. Too many problems on both sides of the ball to list. But penalties, mental errors, and an unmotivated team all point right back to the staff. And the staff is the HC responsibility. Keep losing like...
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    CU Coaching Discussion

    Emotions aside. Just look at DJ Elliots body of work. Taxslayer bowl? blown out. nuff said. Not D1 ready.
  14. 777BuffFan

    CU Coaching Discussion

    I think you have to stay with Mac. Stability is important. I think D.J. Eliot was a bad hire. His track record of Defenses is poor. Just because you sucked in the SEC doesn't mean you don't suck. I agree they have to recruit better and I think that they have. Still have to play with the 1 and 2...
  15. 777BuffFan

    Phil's comment to Regents on race - WTF?

    I think any athlete who feels strongly that staying at CU is akin to "the plantation" should be allowed to transfer immediately without sitting out a year. Probably should be limited to transferring to a HBC, so that their labors only benefit other athletes of color.
  16. 777BuffFan

    Sefo health update

    Sefo got alot of his stats playing when the Buffs were down by a ton, facing the second and third teamers on defense. I'm hoping that with the improved offense, more weapons, he can just manage games well enough to win. I'm not on his bandwagon, but I think if he's healthy, he can do well enough...
  17. 777BuffFan

    This one hurts

    I am with you. Sefo has played that card so often.....I'm not buying it. He builds his stats (if you like the dink and dunk passes) but seriously folds when it counts. How many game winning drives.....just a rhetorical question....... Tough kid, Yada Yada, can't win (period)