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  1. HotRack

    Realignment Starting - UConn

    They're working within the known of G5 media contracts. Plus, ODU has a fairly strong donor base for a G5 school. My point was that they know their place in the greater landscape of college athletics (specifically football) and are working towards being the best program in G5 without distracting...
  2. HotRack

    Realignment Starting - UConn

    Read an article in Virginian Pilot today about ODU's meteoric rise (especially in football) $65 million stadium reno, P5 schools on schedule in most all non-con games and basketball doing well, etc. What was interesting though, is despite all this growth in the last 10 years, the AD is keeping...
  3. HotRack

    Nebraska tickets

    Too easy. FLounder
  4. HotRack

    Nebraska tickets

    Really? :D
  5. HotRack

    Nebraska tickets

    1. Liver 2. The Walrus 3. Uncle Luko BONUS Creatini SUPER BONUS Greg In Arlington (though may have been Greg In Austin at the time)
  6. HotRack

    2019 NIT thread

    Big Dance is Thurs-Sun, can't imagine there'd be NIT games at the same time. Monday at the earliest I'd bet.
  7. HotRack

    Coach Calipari to UCLA?

    He must be bored since UK is arguably a better program than UCLA (over the last decade or so at least).
  8. HotRack

    Conference Auto-Bid & Bubble Watch

  9. HotRack

    Conference Auto-Bid & Bubble Watch

    Wait - so is this 9pm MDT???
  10. HotRack

    Conference Auto-Bid & Bubble Watch

    Way to go, BUFFS! Can't wait.
  11. HotRack

    Conference Auto-Bid & Bubble Watch

    Was at the game live last night with all 3 of my boys. Checked off a sports bucket list item (attend a game at The Garden) made even better with a great college basketball game and the fact I saw it with all my boys.
  12. HotRack

    MBB GAME THREAD - CU @ Wash St. | Feb. 20th @ 8pm | Pac 12 Net

    I started watching fellas. My bad. I'm out.
  13. HotRack

    Any Buffs in the AAF?

    Interesting "injury"
  14. HotRack

    MBB GAME THREAD - CU vs. Oregon | Feb. 2nd @7:30pm | Pac 12 Network

    And just when I was ready to save some money by ditching Sling until football season, they go off and do this!
  15. HotRack

    All-in-one assistant coach suggestions for CU

    What's the opportunity? Couldn't tell from his tweet.
  16. HotRack

    Trust the Process.

    Next year has already unraveled?!?! ****!
  17. HotRack

    All-in-one assistant coach suggestions for CU

    That's not Jenny's number!
  18. HotRack

    Mike MacIntyre officially takes Ole Miss DC job

    Who/What the **** is CAA? I mean I live in acronym Utopia in the Navy, but the **** going on around here is out of control!
  19. HotRack

    Official Coaching Search Thread

    At the same time, putting faith in RG's statement during the firing presser - "Don't believe what you hear in social media forums regarding this process. When the decision is made, you will hear it from me." Or something to that respect. I'm off to go breathe some oxygen now.