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  1. Not Sure

    RG's search and how Dorrell got the job

    I applaud the OP for starting an entirely new thread on the subject. We didn’t have enough.
  2. Not Sure

    Darrin Chiaverini - CU Interim Head Coach

    Gundy. Frost... wait, forget that last one.
  3. Not Sure

    2020 Rocky Mountain Showdown (9/5) at Canvas Stadium

    CU doesn’t subsidize the athletic department outside of an athletics fee every student pays.
  4. Not Sure

    Texas A&M to spend $25m on "campus beautification" project

    If only several people had warned them that this would happen. I feel bad for CSU. Really. They built that stadium thinking it would be their ticket to the P-5. No matter how many times they were told that was a pipe dream, they held on to that dream. Now it’s costing them dearly. And how are...
  5. Not Sure

    A really ****ty hot take on the Karl Dorrell hire

    I’ve seen ****tier posts. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being truly ****ty, I give this about a 3. Maybe 4. Nik is out of practice.
  6. Not Sure

    '18 CO QB Blake Stenstrom (SIGNED to COLORADO)

    Anything is possible. Just because a guy enters the portal doesn’t mean he will automatically leave the team.
  7. Not Sure

    How excited are you about Dorrell as our new HC?

    Still at “5”. I’ve seen enough introductory pressers to take them all with a grain of salt. Yes, he said the right things and showed class and poise. Press conferences don’t win football games or recruit players.
  8. Not Sure

    Karl Dorrell introductory press conference (on now)

    You are aware that hasn’t been an issue at CU for like four years now, right?
  9. Not Sure

    Karl Dorrell introductory press conference (on now)

    Unsure whether this is true or not, but I appreciated the way he dealt with leaving Miami. He informed his head coach, had the discussion, and then left with dignity. No burned bridges. Transparent throughout the process. Maybe he was coached to tell that story, but I liked it nonetheless.
  10. Not Sure

    How excited are you about Dorrell as our new HC?

    Nitpicking just a little, but Fairbanks quit. He wasn’t fired. He probably should have been fired, but he wasn’t.
  11. Not Sure

    Karl Dorrell introductory press conference (on now)

    You want an endorsement from one of the assistant coaches? Wut?
  12. Not Sure

    Karl Dorrell introductory press conference (on now)

    My take on the presser, and specifically in regards to his emphasis on recruiting, is that he wants good coaches first, and “recruiters” second. Not a lot of meat on the bone in that presser. He doesn’t come across as a firey orator. More cerebral. That will be a bit of an adjustment for the...
  13. Not Sure

    Karl Dorrell officially named Colorado HC

    You can learn a lot about a coach by not only what he says, but by what he doesn’t say. It was clear that MT put a great deal of emphasis on recruiting. Regardless of what he actually said in his pressers, that much was always crystal clear. To quote a legendary coach: “you achieve what you...
  14. Not Sure

    Karl Dorrell officially named Colorado HC

    This can work out very well if Dorrell gets some recruiters on the staff. LSU hires Orgeron under similar circumstances. He was a retread and had been passed over for other jobs. I’m not suggesting Dorrell and Orgeron are the same kind of coach, merely pointing out that these kinds of hires of...
  15. Not Sure

    Predictions on our new Program Motto?

  16. Not Sure

    Let's just be positive, supportive and ride this out for the time being!!

    I take the opposite view. Chev needs to keep his mouth shut for a while. Are we seeing all the other remaining coaches tweet out stuff? Chev is a great Buff and a very solid recruiter. His behavior during this process cements the notion that he simply isn’t ready to be the top guy. I’m hopeful...
  17. Not Sure

    Karl Dorrell officially named Colorado HC

    I cringe a little every time I hear a coach say he’s good at “identifying and developing talent”. that’s code for “we are ****ty recruiters”.