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    Official Buffs vs. Air Force Game Thread

    Any word on Maddox’s leg injury? Or whoever it was that got hurt on the sideline?
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    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

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    2019 College Football News
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    We won, but really?

    When the FAN mentions the red amongst Bronco game day, we ****ed up. Do better fans.
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    Offensive Line

    Just how much improvement have we seen? Does solidifying the LT position make them a better unit?
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    Air Force on film

    We do have a talent advantage. This is still a MWC team.
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    CU players in the NFL

    Josh Tuopo (spelling?) playing and stuffing the run with Cincinnati.
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    Takeaways from the game? Revised expectations?

    This team should be able to put up 400+ yards passing on them. 49-20
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    Bench Montez

    This has aged well
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    Official ****braska Hate Thread

    Live look at Omaha bar scene... Your search history though! 🤔
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    '17 CA QB Jack Sears (Verbal to USC)

    He’s got much more talent than a MWC team.
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    Coach Summers is the Answer

    It was literally the first live action they have seen outside of their own guys. We literally have no idea, good or bad, how this defense will be. Yes, there are depth issues. But to say, Summers is the cause for a poor first half performance and is the weak link, is in fact, weak.
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    Coach Summers is the Answer

    Only argument is: one game. That’s it. A definitive decision is premature and spurious.
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    ******Official RMS Game Thread******

    Allen did play according to the radio and GB. Late in the game
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    ******Official RMS Game Thread******

    GB on the radio said they were playing straight up zone and bracket covering him.
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    Official CU vs Nubs Prediction Thread

    I don’t think I’ve heard about a SEC quote from Tucker in this thread yet. Mmmmm 35-28 CU
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    Shanahan says running and defense wins games

    Together down in GA probably rubbed off on each other.
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    'The Athletic' missing the mark on CU football?

    That CU is going to start winning
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    Greatest CU Football Player

    As a complete athlete, Logan does deserve a nod. Varsity in FB, BB and baseball means a ton.