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  1. lawdogg

    It's Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame Day!!!!!

    Fight, fight for victory...
  2. lawdogg

    Other games, week of 9/6-9/7

    I didn’t catch the game, was he really that impressive tonight? His stat line looked solid, but not drool-worthy. Obviously though, the stats don’t always tell the whole story.
  3. lawdogg

    '20 CO TE Kole Taylor (Verbal to LSU)

    It ain’t over ‘til it’s over...
  4. lawdogg

    Pre-Camp Predictions: Starting Offense

    Only change I think I’d make is Stanley for Brown.
  5. lawdogg

    '20 CO TE Kole Taylor (Verbal to LSU)

    Both...easy decision.
  6. lawdogg

    '20 GA QB CJ Dixon

  7. lawdogg

    '18 JC S Aaron Maddox (SIGNED to COLORADO)

    In fairness, a bunch of old dudes preoccupied with the performance of teenaged boys playing a game would be considered weird by some, yet college football is a billion dollar business. Think the point of the picture was to show some of the gains being made in the strength and conditioning...
  8. lawdogg

    '20 AL S Mike Harris

    Didn’t we recruit another kid from Phenix City back in the Embree or maybe early MacIntyre days? RB if I recall correctly.
  9. lawdogg

    '20 TX WR Keith Miller III (Verbal to COLORADO)

    Thought you couldn’t do concerts in connection with a spring game. If you can, seems like a good model to follow.
  10. lawdogg

    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    I’ll tell ya, I don’t know if he can coach a lick, but Michalowski sure is entertaining on the Twitter. “Run with us or run from us,” that’s good stuff.
  11. lawdogg

    ****ers finally caught on to #KeepTheRedOut

    It’d be disappointing, but I expect we’d move on and get ready for conference play? It’s no longer a season-defining game.
  12. lawdogg

    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    Yep, good eye. Jeric also pointed that out above. Missed him on my first look at the mural.
  13. lawdogg

    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    Definitely some more obvious names, I guess. In my quick perusal, seemed like the mural was really featuring relatively recent CU players who went on to success in the NFL, not trying to showcase the CU Mt Rushmore. Hagan gets included because he’s on staff and Salaam is included because we’re...
  14. lawdogg

    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    A number of guys who you could gripe about not being in there (Jimmy Smith comes to mind), but still a really cool mural.
  15. lawdogg

    '20 TX QB Brendon Lewis (Verbal to COLORADO)

    Did his ratings recently drop? Thought he was previously a consensus 4*.
  16. lawdogg

    Conference Auto-Bid & Bubble Watch

    Perfect illustration of how polarizing Duke continues to be.
  17. lawdogg

    '20 LA ATH Corey Wren (Verbal to Georgia)

    Wasn’t there like a Maurice Wren or something we recruited a couple years back?