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    Bench Montez (9-14 edition)

    I remember seeing Montez rally guys on the sideline 10 days ago to beat ****braska. Accusing him of not being a leader seems rash and naive, unless you're in the locker room and on the sidelines as well.
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    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    Loved Mustafa's strip sack on Martinez as Martinez reached for the ball Moose held him down, which is epitomized in the graphic, such a beast move!
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    2019 Buffs Football hype thread

    If Sherman keeps this up does he stick around or go NFL route next year?
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    '20 JC SDE Dre Butler

    Am I seeing this right? Getting Sacks against Clemson...
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    Offensive Line

    Nubs front 7 was no joke! Our Oline got tested early and if our boys stay healthy we should be solid throughout the year.
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    Nub look-a-like thread

    Had to do it....
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    2020 Recruit Profile Index & Recruiting News

    Am I mis-remembering, but doesn't Jayden Simon have a bro who is a stud recruit? Can't put my finger on it, but I thought that was mentioned when we signed him.
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    Coach Summers is the Answer

    So we're excusing the 4 turnovers as if they were not a product of our D? There are some concerns for sure, but this should have been evident during the offseason as 3 players switched positions and a plethora of JC's came over. It takes time to install, but the install is necessary. Took...
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    '19 TNFR CB Nigel Bethel Jr. (Signed to COLORADO)

    Excited to have him, and I love our Southeast recruiting connection. Same HS as Kevin Moyd?
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    Steven Montez (O/U Thread)

    Over Over Barring injury, I can only imagine Montez making dramatic improvements this year.
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    Recruiting so far...

    Here's a little inside scoop for you. Got word from a friend of mine who has been speed training local athletes, '17 CO ATH Anthony Lyle had a tryout with the Buffs Saturday and has made the team as a DB, most likely Safety. Measures at 6'1" 205 Lbs, 40 in the high 4.3 range, 10ft broad jump...
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    Lloyd Murray lost some weight
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    Noyer moves to safety

    Didn't Iowa State move a QB to LB, and he ended up being a leader on that D. Not saying this is the case with Noyer but I am willing to trust that this Staff is putting players in position to help the team.
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    Keep feeding him and graduate him to OLB