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  1. Jello Bear

    Official Buffs vs. Air Force Game Thread

    No, silly Fusker. We don't use ****braska math here. No matter who you beat from here out, and no matter who we lose to, your ****ty team took an L and it doesn't get changed by anyone outside your delusional fan base. If you want to chisel a W against the Buffs on the walls of your stadium...
  2. Jello Bear

    Bench Montez (9-14 edition)

    You have the power to stop it....
  3. Jello Bear

    Official at Arizona St Score Prediction Thread

    I predict that I'll choose surfing at a tropical beach versus the brain damage of watching the Buffs go schizo another week. What's that? It's a night kickoff? Well then...
  4. Jello Bear

    Way Too Early Bowl Predictions

    **** you.
  5. Jello Bear

    Official Buffs vs. Air Force Game Thread

    Am I late for the freak out? Somebody catch me up.
  6. Jello Bear

    Official Score Prediction Thread vs Air Force

    Surveyor comes crawling back like a kicked puppy needing attention. So predictable. So awesome.
  7. Jello Bear

    Air Force September 14

  8. Jello Bear

    I wrote an oral history of what will be remembered as "The Flea-Flicker"

    Chills, man....chills. And a nub-hate boner.
  9. Jello Bear

    Guess the Attendance: Air Force

    If I were bored and unemployed, it might be fun to spend a day making Fuskers negotiate down to $1 per seat on Craigslist.
  10. Jello Bear

    Official ****braska Hate Thread

    My guess is the same as when they played Bama after getting Sparkles. They almost seemed grateful to be able to travel there and get spanked. For a while there they were avid Bama fans. Their love affair with Georgia, however, was very very brief.
  11. Jello Bear

    Official Score Prediction Thread vs Air Force

    I predict a sweat-inducing, lackluster 1st half, followed by our winning because of we score three times (somewhere between 9 and 21 points) to AFA's one score in the second half. Empirical data tells me this is a certainty.
  12. Jello Bear

    Takeaways from the game? Revised expectations?

    I voted 6-6 at the beginning of the season (no specificity about where they'd come from) and I think I'm staying put with that prediction. The team showed grit in two consecutive 2nd halves, but the 1st halves leave a lot to be desired. A lot. Until they show me 4 solid quarters, I'm going to...
  13. Jello Bear

    Official ****braska Hate Thread

    Not enough, apparently.
  14. Jello Bear

    College Football Empires Map 2019

    IF we go 5-0 we'll own a sizable chunk of geography on that map. IF.