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  1. buffaholic

    Official Buffs vs. Air Force Game Thread

    Air Force is going to have a good season. They have enough guys to make it very difficult for everyone in that conference, and I'd suspect they will make some noise. They caught us on a bad week. If you're not ready mentally, you can get beaten at the LOS and that happened all day long...
  2. buffaholic

    Bench Montez (9-14 edition)

    What was Steven Montez' first start? Hey look, first year guys get chances all the time and some surprise. But the fact that he was a co-starter with a McCaffrey means exactly what? Nothing.
  3. buffaholic

    @ Arizona State September 21st

    Abort! Abort! Abort!
  4. buffaholic

    Bench Montez (9-14 edition)

    I'm done with Montez. Step up once.
  5. buffaholic

    Guess the Attendance: Air Force

    How did that Nub game three pack work. Was the 3 games predefined? Was this game included?
  6. buffaholic

    Official Buffs vs. ****braska Game Thread

    answer has something to do with hookers and blow.
  7. buffaholic

    Living rent free in their (****braska) heads forever!!!

    When you are a ****braska fan, you have the ****ers. You don't have skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing, nor an NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS team. You have one thing you wait for all year, and the Colorado game was the absolute pinnacle of their dreams, to be the Buffs in Folsom and strut their red...
  8. buffaholic

    Will This Break ****braska's Season?

    Where's the Nub fans who were running their mouth last week?
  9. buffaholic

    The best part?

    Referring back to the OP, there is no best thing. This is a glorious time to be a Buff fan who has to interact with those Classiest Fans on Earth. They are damaged right now, it is just ALL BEAUTIFUL.
  10. buffaholic

    Official Buffs vs. ****braska Game Thread

    On his big play which really had a big impact in sustaining our omeback after NU scored to go back up by 10 in 4th: It's two Colorado Nubs who are left behind.
  11. buffaholic

    '20 AZ WR Brenden Rice

    And offense has continued to be an issue under Harbaugh. If he didn't have a DC genius, they would be a bottom feeder.
  12. buffaholic

    Will This Break ****braska's Season?

    This game hammered home to the Nubs how idiotic they had let their expectations get. With help by national media, they were really talking 11 wins. Stryker, a Nub columnist puts it well here: But he also says the Nubs should have won by 3 TDs... So I guess they simply got tired? No, much...
  13. buffaholic

    Other games, week of 9/6-9/7

    Slovis is legit. Looks like Drew Brees.
  14. buffaholic

    Bench Montez

    Hope we see our #2 if Montez can't really us here in 3rd. OP is spot on.
  15. buffaholic

    Official Buffs vs. ****braska Game Thread

    Arias with bonehead play of the season so far.
  16. buffaholic

    Official Buffs vs. ****braska Game Thread

    Montez steps up but can't see. He has to know LaViska is coming across 1 yard deep wide open and you get him the ball. That's the play design.
  17. buffaholic

    Other games, week of 9/6-9/7

    So FSU really sucks. Boise State loses a little bit each year, post Chris Pete.