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  1. TDforTD

    @ Arizona State September 21st

    I understand where you’re coming from but I have no problem attributing Bobby hate to all of their sports teams lol.
  2. TDforTD

    Congratulations, Air Force

    Got puked on by an Air Force fan that was fun lol. We were surrounded by obnoxious Air Force fans and I was thinking “wtf is going on here?!” Then we heard a couple Go Big R’s from them and it all made sense. Crowd was a little lifeless at points but I was surprised at how many stayed. Hasn’t...
  3. TDforTD

    Official ****braska Hate Thread

    Lol at this idea that ****braska fans wouldn’t be talking trash if they won. Kordell tweets that he’s so happy the rivalry is renewed and puts #BeatNebraska. It’s followed by 50 some comments along the lines of: “beat ****braska?! What would you know about that!” “Rivalry?! You guys have to win...
  4. TDforTD

    Official ****braska Hate Thread

    Speaking of victimhood: Tim Lynott called the ****braska fans who were attacking Callier (on every single social media platform for more than a year) cowards. I’ve seen some #ProudCoward tweets from the losers lol. It’s why my motto with ****braska is: Let them lose every game please.
  5. TDforTD

    CU In-State Recruiting 2020

    After yesterday's win, the @allbuffs twitter account got a bunch of likes and follows from local high school players. Really awesome to see some kids taking pride in CU’s big win.
  6. TDforTD

    Official ****braska Hate Thread

    I love that Iowa fans were jumping for joy when we won. **** conference pride when it comes to ****braska: something every team that deals with their trash twitter fans regularly can agree on.
  7. TDforTD


    TLDR GUYS I WAS WRONG - CROW TIME For an entire week, two winters ago, I did everything I could to make it so ****braska did not hire Scott Frost. I thought about it day and night, I talked to family and friends and told them to cheer for Frost to leave ****braska in the dust. Heck, two different...
  8. TDforTD

    '16 CO OLB JoJo Domann (Signed to ****braska)

    This was made by a ****braska fan lmaooo.
  9. TDforTD

    '20 GA OT Jake Wray (Verbal to COLORADO)

    Added to our OV list for this weekend on 247.
  10. TDforTD

    '20 AZ WR Brenden Rice

    Idk if this means he’s visiting this weekend or just cheering for us. If he’s cheering for us, that’s pretty hilarious because ****braska was in his top group lol. But I’m pretty sure it means he’s visiting.
  11. TDforTD

    Game Week - ****braska

    And then said the UCF fans and administration “needed to let it go,” once he was in Lincoln. While they were going to pimp Frost’s success at UCF to recruits, nothing is more important than promoting the big red N. And they certainly don’t want people thinking you can actually win a national...
  12. TDforTD

    Official ****braska Hate Thread

    HYPE: And the throwback to last year HYPE: LETS GOOOOO
  13. TDforTD

    Official ****braska Hate Thread

    TLDR TLDR So, Martinez looked funny. A step slow, indecisive, unmotivated. Idk what that was about. Maybe just a one game thing or living in Lincoln finally annoyed him. Idk. Outside of that, it was about what I expected. Their DL looked okay at times, better than okay at times, and...
  14. TDforTD

    Other games week of 8/29-8/31

    Herbert pulled the Josh Freeman LOL
  15. TDforTD

    Other games week of 8/29-8/31

    LSU offense with no fullback is weird.
  16. TDforTD

    Official ****braska Hate Thread

    Total yards: S Alabama 314 ****braska 276
  17. TDforTD

    Official ****braska Hate Thread

    I mentioned last year pre-season that I was side-eyeing that Troy game because they had all conference players at some areas that could expose ****braska’s weaknesses. South Alabama has none of that - they are a complete mess. 14-7 at half BEATING THEMSELVES THOOOO
  18. TDforTD

    Other games week of 8/29-8/31

    Michigan State’s entire defense is all conference (some hyperbole) but their offense is ROUGH. Let’s see if they can get 10 wins!