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  1. buff4bcs1985

    Bench Montez (9-14 edition)

    I'm done believing in Montez... whatever happens is gonna happens... he damn sure isn't a leader and he damn sure isn't a star player...
  2. buff4bcs1985

    It's Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame Day!!!!!

    Nothing but respect for Air force...but let's kick their ass anyway!! FIGHT CU!!!
  3. buff4bcs1985

    '20 AZ WR Brenden Rice

    Beat AFA and then ASU on the road... then they will be ranked for zona
  4. buff4bcs1985

    2019 PAC 12 Football News

    The only job I see Rick George leaving CU for ATM is the Pac-12 commissioners job should it come open and I'm not sure he would leave for that until CU is on better footing IE CEC and Folsom all shiny and newly renovated for years to come
  5. buff4bcs1985

    Roll Call - Air Force

    maybe a 3rd... waiting for confirmation
  6. buff4bcs1985

    Will This Break ****braska's Season?

    Did anyone hear their stupid "Hey you guys" fusker chant? Every time i heard it i wanted to throw a Baby Ruth at em to shut them the up... But in the End The football team did it... so **** em LOL
  7. buff4bcs1985

    '20 WA OT Caadyn Stephen (Verbal to USC)

    He said taking crap... as in he doesn't know why you are getting beaten up over this... not talking crap... come on
  8. buff4bcs1985

    Roll Call - Air Force

    in plus 2!!!
  9. buff4bcs1985

    Official Buffs vs. ****braska Game Thread

    Where the **** did you vanish off to?