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ucla bruins

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    Fraternizing with the Enemy: Notes on the UCLA Bruins

    The Colorado Buffaloes host the No. 4 UCLA Bruins on Thursday evening. The Bruins (16-1) average 90+ points per game and have a deadly arsenal of players. I touched base with my amiga TuAnh Dam, the sports editor over at UCLA's Daily Bruin to gather some intel on this team. Here's what she had...
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    CU/UCLA: more quotes and a few miscellaneous points

    First of all, I wanted to share a few things I heard about the Bruins that amused me. Last week, UCLA's student newspaper, the Daily Bruin, sent a writer to Boulder to cover the game. His name was Matt and he shacked up with me for a night and naturally we chatted it up about the game and both...
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    Buffs eek out 20-10 win vs. UCLA, move to 7-2

    A two-year-old child attempting to eat spaghetti with no bib would have been less sloppy than the No. 21 Colorado Buffaloes’ 20-10 victory over the UCLA Bruins Thursday night at Folsom Field. The Buffs and Bruins combined for an eyebrow-raising 224 yards of total penalty yards in the contest...
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    Fraternizing with the Enemy: notes on the UCLA Bruins

    In this week's Fraternizing with the Enemy, CU Independent Head Sports Editor Justin Guerriero chatted with Matt Cummings of UCLA's Daily Bruin to gather some intel on the Bruins. Justin Guerriero:The UCLA Bruins sit at 3-5 on the year. Does that record accurately reflect the talent of this...