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'13 WA QB Sefo Liufau (Signed to Colorado)


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Thank You! Sefo for sticking with us... Can not wait to see you on the field. Welcome to Boulder!


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Thank you Sefo for being a beacon of hope in a dark season. Your never wavering commitment to the Buffs is something that doesn't come around very often. Wish there were more like you. Welcome home, again.


Check out this video from his (Jr yr) if you haven't seen it, it's one of the dirtiest game against Sefo; some footage are on here, not on this video, face mask, a FG where Sefo was the target and not the ball; his running back had a career game, check his speed on the play at 2:20 of this video, the play is never over with Sefo until that whistle. it's another element of what he will bring to CU. He was pulled after they had a comfortable lead.

BP won 41-7 Comp/Att: 14/19 Comp% .737 165yds pass; 2TD Pass/1TD Run QBR: 135

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Oh... You mean SEFU...?


Half the assholes who have posted on this thread. (See 1st post on this page)


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Awesome. Glad he is getting on campus so early, he will definitely battle for the back-up spot, if not starter


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Already showing the dedication and maturity to be a great leader at CU. Excited to see how his career unfolds for the Buffs.


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The guy has talent and character. Look forward to seeing him combine those in developing his career at CU.

Nice article for someone who deserves recognition.

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Love this kid. Congrats to him. He. Earned. Every. Single. Accolade.