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'19 TNFR DT Jaunta'vius Johnson (Verbal to COLORADO)


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247sports (HS)
Rivals (HS)
Auburn Profile

Auburn University (Auburn, AL) / Lincoln School (Lincoln, AL)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/legacyneverdies

Grad Transfer: 1 year to play 1

Ht: 6'2"
Wt: 326

247s rating (HS): 4* - 90 grade; #20 DT (#311 overall)
ESPN rating (HS): 3* - 77 grade; #56 DT
Rivals rating (HS): 3* - 5.7rr; #32 DT

247sports Composite (HS) : 3* / 0.8700 / #31 DT / #505 overall

Reported Offers (HS): Alabama, Auburn, Louisville, Mississippi State, FCS
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Real name isn't Nik
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Oh! That's interesting...Nice to see we are getting a visit. I haven't really watched his tape (I'm not an expert) but more bodies are a good thing in my opinion. Thoughts from the more experienced?
He had 1 tackle for Auburn. But we have a hole at NT and the 3-4 only works if that position can control the opposing C. Shores up a weakness if he enrolls on Monday.


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Position of need.

Even if he isn't a star type player we need guys who can take productive snaps there.

I'm hoping that Sami can come in and take hold of the position but he is coming off an injury and it would be good to limit his snaps. Tuiloma looks like a limited back-up and I don't want to see them forced to plug Antwine in there, rather let him stay at DT.

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Can you imagine the Conrad Obi level hype this cat would generate in the off season?!

Would be a solid get for sure - you can’t have enough big bodies in the trenches.