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'19 TX WR LaVontae Shenault (SIGNED to COLORADO)


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Get the big brother going in the offense this year. Line blocks for Montez, Shenault runs fast down the field, ball delivered in his hand, run, score.


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Totally understandable that he’d not want to compete for playing time against his brother. It’d be a little different if they played different positions.


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Man I'd love to see him playing here. NO shadow to follow. LaViska is special, BUT LaVontae could be just AS special here, maybe better.
CU would treat this kid like a king, and we would run the PAC for years to come.

FLIP, baby!


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I'd see why he'd want to go to TTU to not be in his big brother's shadow. BUT...Coach Sunshades has his job on the line (they are looking a bit better than last year, but that could go south very quickly). And Lubbock pretty much sucks. I lived there for two years while getting a Master's degree so I can say this definitively.