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2 CU-Boulder track athletes charged with burglary of University Hill home

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Apr 15, 2011.

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    By Vanessa Miller, Camera Staff Writer

    Two members of the University of Colorado track team were charged this week with first-degree burglary, theft and third-degree assault after police allege they were caught stealing a high-end bicycle, electronics and other items from a home on University Hill.

    Originally posted by Daily Camera
    Click here to view the article.
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    - Track athletes out pacing the football team in the police blotter...WTF?

    - Good to see the track program take an aggressive position on recruiting talent instead of only targeting slow choir boys. Do we want to win the conference, or pat ourselves on the back for good behavior.

    - Atleast the students are...
    1) Not on the football team
    2) Not part of a revenue generating sport
    3) Not big name Olympic hopefuls
    4) Sprinters. Sheesh. Distance runners would never do that.

    - This doesn't put CU in the Fulmer cup, does it? Is there a fulmer cup equivalent for Track and Field?

    - This should open up more scholarships for track.

    - It was racially motivated. No way the mugshits are published if the athletes weren't black.

    -It's about time the paper ran a story about the sprinters. Usually the distance runners get all the press.

    - When track athletes screw up, does the coach make them run as punishment?

    - The gold on the track uniforms is too pail, almost green.

    - Wetmore didn't wait around for the judiciary board to issue their ruling before issuing the boot. Good thing Givens didn't run track.

    - This does a disservice to the Dodson name. Jeremy Dodson couldn't be happy about this.

    - Does this harm Wetmore's shot at B12 T&F coach of the year?

    - Darn. There goes the relay team.

    - If they were really good sprinters, they wouldn't be caught. That's probably why they went after the bicycle.

    - You never hear about this type of thing going on inside the women's golf program.

    - And finally -As an alum and former Track guy, this news disappoints me. I expect more from CU student athletes.
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