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'20 GA RB Jordon Simmons (Verbal to Michigan State)


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McEachern HS (Powder Springs, GA)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_jaythegr8_

Ht: 5'11"
Wt: 180
40: 4.53

247s rating: 3* - 86 grade; #57 RB
ESPN rating: 3* - 78 grade; #39 RB
Rivals rating: 3* - 5.7rr; #31 RB

247sports Composite: 3* / 0.8709 rating / #43 RB / #591 overall

Reported Offers: COLORADO, Arkansas, Boston College, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Miss State, ****braska, Ole Miss, Oregon, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Virginia Tech
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the guy looks like he can play. let's get him here and run run run.

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You guys knew what I meant right? Swear to god I'm normally not one of those internet spelling/grammar people and I know young athletes on twitter often have the schools they are interested in spelled wrong, which I would leave alone, but in his top 10 video (which I'm sure was made by someone else) it lists the "Buffalo's". Almost all sports teams have an S at the end, it just made me laugh at the moment, why anyone would think that some would have apostrophes, some wouldn't, some are spelled wrong, others are perfect. No "Seminol's" yet we got the double whammy :) I do honestly hope he comes here though.


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At least he did it the day BEFORE! If he'd been planning this awhile, shame on Mark. I assume he's just hit the breaking point as he's a class guy.