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2007 recruiting classes re-ranked

Discussion in 'University of Colorado Recruiting Archive' started by buffaholic, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. buffaholic

    buffaholic Club Member Club Member

    Oct 5, 2008
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    Sort of an interesting story on SI. They now re-rank the Boise State class as #2 in the country....

    From that section:
    "So how did the evaluators at Rivals -- and Scout and SI and everywhere else -- so badly underestimate this class? Simple. Boise State doesn't have a huge fan base. There aren't as many potential subscribers, so, from a business perspective, it doesn't make sense to spend as much time evaluating Boise State recruits as Alabama or Texas recruits. That's probably the biggest flaw in recruiting rankings; the teams outside the traditional power structure can be vastly underestimated. Because if you look only at the teams that traditionally finish in the top 15, the rankings are usually pretty accurate."


    A quick check for fans online at the various team sites on Rivals just now:

    NU 786 (at 11pm local time)
    CU 136 (at 10pm local time)
  2. tante

    tante Club Member Club Member

    Jul 21, 2009
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    I wonder what CU would rank if we looked back at the class. It looks like we only had 1 starter Ryan Miller. Here are some others:

    Kai Maiava
    Markques Simas
    Josh Smith
    PT Gates
    Kendrick Celestine
  3. Duff Man

    Duff Man Moderator Club Member Junta Member

    Jul 11, 2006
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    Where the 2007 class really hurts is along the DL. We have gotten next to nothing out of that group of five we signed. Shields transferred, Perri was kicked off, and Hudgins was constantly injured. That leaves us with just Goree and Obi to try and salvage that DL class. Yikes.

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