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2008-09 conference revenue numbers are in

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Jun 17, 2010.

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    [​IMG]<span>The Big 12's IRS filings have been unearthed, and the team-by-team payouts from the 2008-09 academic year were included. Here's how the Big 12 ranked in the league's unequal revenue sharing agreement, which will continue:

    1. Oklahoma, $12,209,800

    2. Texas, $11,783,807

    3. Kansas, $11,494,441

    4. Missouri, $10,449,437

    5. Texas A&M, $10,180,582

    6. Oklahoma State, $10,026,603

    7. Colorado, $9,767,426

    8. Nebraska, $9,728,502

    9. Texas Tech, $9,195,931

    10. Baylor, $9,068,351

    11. Iowa State, $8,913,045

    12. Kansas State, $8,374,959

    By contrast, here are the numbers from 2007-08.

    No real surprises on this list. The flip at the top between Texas and Oklahoma is likely due to the Sooners appearance in the Big 12 title game, as well as the strength of schedule in nonconference.

    Texas played Florida Atlantic, UTEP, Rice and Arkansas. Oklahoma played Chattanooga, Cincinnati, TCU and Washington.

    Missouri also made a big jump from 2007-08 to 08-09. The team's high-scoring offense (sixth nationally and third in the Big 12 at 42.2 points per game) and star power helped push the Tigers into their second consecutive Big 12 title game and enter the season ranked in the top 10. That combination helped them jump from $8.4 million and sixth in the Big 12 to $10.44 million and fourth in the Big 12.

    In 2007-08, Baylor received the lowest amount from the conference at $7.1 million. Earnings for the league's bottom team are up $1.2 million to $8.37 million (Kansas State).

  2. absinthe

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    Dec 1, 2006
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    How did we take more cash home than nebraska? no wonder they up and left.
  3. fatbuff

    fatbuff Well-Known Member

    Jul 8, 2005
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    Cross country is a big revenue generator.
  4. MtnBuff

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    Jan 11, 2008
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    Just a guess, Nebraska fans are rabid but I think that outside of the core fan base CU seems to be a better TV draw, part of the reason the PAC10 was interested in the Buffs and not interested in the Texas plan to substitute Baylor for CU. For a team that has sucked for the past 4 years, CU has been on national or regional TV a lot. With kNU the likely north champion this year and coming into the season ranked I would expect them to get more and better TV attention this year and the Buffs with the same losing coach less.

    That said, if I were kNU looking at this list I would be highly pissed to be #8 in the conference. With the Big X payouts they would be stupid to continue in the Big XII even if the South schools weren't insufferable.

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