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2011 commit Cain dominates (along with 2012 prospect)

Discussion in 'Colorado Basketball Recruiting Central' started by Buffnik, Jan 15, 2011.

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    Leading their Wolverines to a thrilling 81-74, Cain and Edosomwan combined for 51 points and 31 rebounds with Edosomwan putting up 26 and 12 as Cain went for 25 and 19.

    Cain is a Colorado commit and Buffalo fans will be happy to know that the big man is averaging over 14 points and 11 rebounds a game and is almost always the most physically dominant player on the court. Looking all the way recovered and back to speed from an off-season ankle injury, Cain has dominated league play averaging 18 points and 10 rebounds in his last 4 contests. The versatile Cain is also dropping 3.5 assists a game and a 3.5 blocks a game.

    Edosomwan currently has offers from Colorado and USC but says he is now hearing from “pretty much the entire Pac 10.” Edosomwan is averaging just above 15 points a game while hauling in 8.2 rebounds per contest. Friday against Loyola was the fourth time this season he has gone for more then 20 points and 12 rebounds in a single game.

    Read more at Cali High Sports... LINK


    I'll work on getting a profile up on Edosomwan.


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