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'21 CA K Joshua Bryan (Verbal to COLORADO)


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Name:Josh Bryan
Player Ranking:
Class Rank:1

literally the best kicker, how can we not like it

anyway, lets go get an aussie 35 year old so he'll fit in

Medford M.

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Really? So you know nothing. Its ok most people don't when it comes to kicking.
Just like a ball off the bat, once the impact is made, whatever happens after doesn't matter. Follow through on a swing, shot, kick, whatever, doesn't make any difference outside of building an easily repeated motion.

This is what science supports.

Basically, if this is the form he always uses, and the sudden stop is what he always does, then that's just how he kicks.


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Looks good... Welcome to Colorado young Buff. Can't wait to see you at altitude doing your thing.



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NICE! ... ...I feel odd being so excited for a kicker commit, even moreso than some of other commits. Whatever though - position of need, looks like a decent kicker, Go Buffs!


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How have we not had a great kicker since Crosby? Why would any great HS kicker with NFL aspirations not wanna kick in Boulder half the season? Hope this is the guy to break the trend and be amazing for us! Welcome to the Buffs!