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'21 CO QB Luke McAllister (Verbal to CSU)

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Curious where he got those stats seeing he hasn't seen a significant down of varsity football yet.


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If he wants to stay in state and he isn't hearing what he wants from CU then it makes sense to take the offer when he gets it.

It’s a risk, for sure. Chances are that Bobo will not be his coach. Will the new coach - whoever that may be - honor the commitment?
Bobo going to survive this year (they can't afford to fire him) so if he has another down year and gets fired next year it will be a transitional class.

CSU will very likely honor the offer unless the new coach is going an entirely different direction on offense.

McAllister could be a good fit for them if Bobo stays or the new coach runs a similar offense, tall kid with a strong arm.