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'21 WY C Lawson Lovering (SIGNED to COLORADO)


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Cheyenne Central HS (Cheyenne, WY)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/lawson_lovering

Ht: 7'0"
Wt: 200

247s rating: 4* - 95 grade; #6 C (#46 overall)
ESPN rating: 4* - 84 grade; #17 C (#75 overall)
Rivals rating: 4*; #9 C (#59 overall)

247sports Composite: 4* / 0.9783 rating / #6 C / #58 overall

Reported Offers: COLORADO, Baylor, Boise State, CSU, Nevada, SDSU, Wyoming
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Not Sure

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Surprising he’s not getting more attention. You can’t coach height. He’s still a junior, so he has a couple years to fill out that frame.


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Needs to fill out and get stronger, but most do. Welcome Mr. Lovering! Like Not Sure put it, you can't teach 7'.


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Big time! Exciting skill set. Can’t wait to see some more videos of him on the AAU circuit.


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Great pickup - he doesn't seem too clunky the limited videos and he can shoot it seems. Hopefully Anyanwu also enjoyed his visit.


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From the highlights he has a variety of skills, not afraid to shoot it from outside but still has moves close to the hoop.

Does need to bulk up but has the frame for it.

What I like is that Tad isn't taking big guys just because they are big. This kid is athletic enough that he can provide size without slowing down or limiting what the Buffs do on either end of the court.


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The camera perspective makes his arms look freakishly tiny compare to his legs.

Love the pickup!
Since he can stand flat footed and his reach measures 9’ 2”, i don’t think his arms are short. (And I know you attribute it to the camera angle).


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16 years old?!?! Kid has crazy upside. The future of Buffs Basketball just keeps on getting better and better.


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Hell, I hope he doesn't get any taller. 6'11", 7' is plenty.

?!?! **** that, I hope he gains weight to 300 lb and grows to 7'8" and keeps his mobility. That'd be great.

But yeah, if he just stays at his height, that's fine too. A 7 fter immediately makes anyone a college bball prospect. A 7fter that can move and shoot makes him a DI prospect. A 7fter with decent stroke and some mobility - great get. But with all that said, I do think this kid is a project of sorts, and I don't expect to see him contribute at all until soph/jr season. Hope he gets some weight and learns the speed of DI bball quickly though. It's also nice to get a kid from WY, bc I hate WY bball. It's nothing like ****braska, but I just can't stand losing to WY.


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He gets great reviews and sounds like he cares about family and playing close to home. Welcome Lawson.

Tad maybe setting us up for several years of success. If so, the AD really needs to market the CU brand (esp in CA) and take advantage for all sports sake