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Arizona Preview: Senior Day at last

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Nov 10, 2011.

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    How long has this season felt? **Like a marathon runner past the wall and unable to find the finish, the Colorado Football program has to be longingly searching for the end of the schedule.* Yet still there remain three games to play. *(Three games? *That's some bull****, just end the misery now!)
    The practical reasons to continue to fight on have been whittled to just two: experience for*the underclassmen and to honor the fighting spirit of one of the more brutalized senior classes in CU history. *To that end, Coach Embree this week had*the*underclassmen players write letters, good old fashioned penned letters, to the seniors to allow the underclassmen to express their respect and gratitude to the seniors for showing the way. *A very classy and impressive coaching*maneuver*by a first-year coach.

    The 28 seniors who stayed in Boulder, through coaching change bull**** and a mountain of losses as mighty as Mt Evans, deserve our respect and praise alongside that of their teammates. *Through four years of challenge, they stuck with it and tried their best. *While they may not have had it in them to bring victories to Boulder in any great number, they still donned the black and gold with the pride it deserves, and did their teammates and*their*university proud through their effort and*perseverance.
    Tyler will lead the large senior contingent onto the field Saturday.* From: the BDC
    Names like Tyler Hansen, Rodney Stewart, Ryan Miller, and Josh Hartigan lead the class, but it's the entirety of the 28 that deserve a hearty round of applause on Saturday. *Show up early and show them that we're all Buffs, and that the herd always sticks together.


    The final home game of the season kicks off at 12:30 Saturday. *Get your drinking in early and head to the stadium to cheer on those departing seniors. *If you can't make it to Folsom, and still care enough to watch, you can checkout the action on FCS-Pacific, which is 617 on DirecTV (you losers with Comcast are on your own)

    Click below for the preview...

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