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Big 12 races update: Week 12

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    By David Ubben


    1. Oklahoma State (5-1)

    2. Texas A&M (4-2)

    3. Oklahoma (4-2)

    4. Baylor (4-3)

    5. Texas Tech (3-5)

    6. Texas (2-5)
    • Texas A&M's winning streak has muddled the race somewhat, but all three of the top teams still have a chance to win. Here's how they can do it:
    • Oklahoma State: As the only one-loss team, if Oklahoma State wins out, it'll win the South outright and advance to the Big 12 title game. The Cowboys could also clinch the division with a win Saturday and losses by Oklahoma and Texas A&M.
    • Oklahoma: If Oklahoma wins out, it would likely advance to the title game, but the prospect of a three-way tie exists. If it's a two-way tie and Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State, the Sooners advance via head-to-head tiebreaker. Here are the Big 12 tiebreaker rules.* If it came down to the BCS rankings in a three-way tie, the winner would most likely be Oklahoma, who would be coming off a road win against a top 10 team in Oklahoma State. However, in a new rule change this year, if the top two teams are within a spot of each other in the BCS rankings, the head-to-head result is the tiebreaker. For example, if Oklahoma were ranked 10th in the BCS and Texas A&M was 11th, the Aggies would advance to the title game.
    • Texas A&M: Texas A&M must win out, and hope Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State to force a three-way tiebreaker. The Aggies need Oklahoma State to lose to both Kansas and Oklahoma to advance via a head-to-head tiebreaker against Oklahoma.

    1. Nebraska (5-1)

    2. Missouri (4-2)

    3. Kansas State (3-4)

    4. Iowa State (3-4)

    5. Kansas (1-5)

    6. Colorado (1-5)
    • Nebraska is still the odds-on favorite in the division, and even with a loss at Texas A&M on Saturday, the Huskers would still be one home win*against Colorado away from winning the division. The Huskers could clinch the division this week with a win*against Texas A&M or a Missouri loss to Iowa State.
    • Missouri's only chance to win the division is winning out and Nebraska losing to both Texas A&M and Colorado.

    Originally posted by ESPN.com - Big 12 Blog
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